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Royal Dental News showcases how you can walk in with teeth that are loose, painful, missing, crooked or damaged, and leave the very same day with a smile that you will love again. An iconic dental hospitality destination which is located with one of the best in class interiors and advanced technologies in Mumbai.

Royal offer all disciplines of dental expertise under one roof, with a full range of modern treatment options. The most beautiful, bespoke smiles are created including replacement of missing teeth with implants in just One Day, not something most Dental Clinics can offer.

Your Dental Care experience at Royal Dental Clinic in Mumbai.

The hand-picked team trained under Dr. Arun Chamria, go that extra mile to make sure each patient’s requests are met and they feel at home. Patients are welcomed to the dental practice, and a range of dental, cosmetic and maxillofacial treatments, are performed in one day. The goal is not to communicate what this clinic does best; rather to understand what patients need and fulfil this need.

The commitment to the holistic Dental wellness experience doesn’t end there. The entire team works like clockwork, to ensure most treatments, including Dental Implants with Fixed teeth completed in Just One Day. This is attributed by the fact that right from the OPG machines to the Dental Lab; every need is situated in the expanse of the clinic itself.

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You needn’t re-schedule a board meeting, rather you are ready with a brand new smile to impress your board-members on the same day. Its distinctive features like these make the experiences at Royal Dental Clinics, more like a day at a five star resort. No doubt Royal Dental Clinics, one of Mumbai’s most celebrated dental practices and honoured with several awards in the field of Dentistry.