Royal Dental Clinics & MidDay Miss Mrs Mr Fabb Mumbai 2022

Royal Dental: The Fabb confluence of beauty and smiles!

Royal Dental: Our smile is the signature of our happiness and the window to our self-confidence. In the world of beauty and glamour a smile really is the best accessory you can carry. If a beauty pageant contestant ever tries faking a smile, it is easily spotted. Since it is such an essential part of the model’s personality, a smile undoubtedly has the power to lighten up and brighten the atmosphere. Calling it the most powerful weapon won’t be an understatement, will it?

Although we sincerely believe that beauty evolves inside out, we acknowledge that vanity often makes the world go round. In the world of beauty pageants, the contestants are required to have that natural smile. 

Royal Dental Clinics believes in every Smile! Not just because we love dentistry, but because we love your smile.

Sharing this common ethos, a similar passion and drive for perfection and of course to bring a smile on the faces of the gorgeous beauties, Royal Dental Clinics once again associated with Mid-Day Miss Fabb, Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022 as their official smile partner.

Considered India’s most prestigious beauty pageant and the only pageant in India to conduct not just auditions, but also finale shows in 10+ cities of India, Miss Fabb truly is an epitome in the pageantry arena. The spirits were sky-high when the collaboration between Miss Fabb and Royal Dental Clinics transpired.

Royal Dental Clinics, founded in Mumbai, India; by a visionary Late Dr. Arun Chamria in 1983 has been serving and contributing to the field of dentistry. They have been one of the pioneers in immediate loading implants, and has been congratulated by the implant community at World Congress on Oral Implantology at U.S.A. in 2004.

Royal Dental Clinics; Smile Partner for Mid-Day Miss Fabb, Mrs Fabb and Mr Fabb Mumbai 2022

Royal Dental Clinics discusses your smile wish, dental concerns and the treatment expectations that you have. Not just the pioneers of Dental Implants in One Day, we are known for our comprehensive & corrective procedures in dentistry.

Most treatments are completed in ONE SITTING as we expertise in higher standards of care. The moment you step into Royal Dental Clinics; you are warmly welcomed by the team. You are then placed in a cocoon of wellness and care, so much so that you would forget the Dental Clinic or the fact that you just had your jaw drilled!

Taking about the warmth and hospitality of Royal Dental Clinics, each contestant of Mid-Day Miss Fabb, Mrs Fabb and Mr Fabb Mumbai 2022 had the opportunity to visit the clinic, complete with consulting and tips from senior doctors to enhance their smiles which would enhance their personalities for life.

What contestants of Miss Mr Mrs Fabb Speak about Royal Dental

Roop Tiwari, winner Mid-Day Miss Fabb Mumbai 2022 while talking about her experience at Royal Dental Clinics said, “When I stepped in, I couldn’t believe I was at a Dental Clinic. The ambience was nothing less than a 5-star hotel. Plus, the hospitality and the warmth of the staff made the visit even more compelling. The doctors were very knowledgeable and caring, the moment I spoke to Dr. Chirag Chamria I forgot what dental anxiety is.”

Talking about the Mid-Day Miss Fabb Mumbai 2022 finale show at Infiniti Mall Malad on 26th June 2022, it was one stellar star-studded affair. With jury members from various walks of lives, Vidisha Sarawagi, Marketing Director at Royal Dental Clinics represented Royal Dental Clinics. The gorgeous model and actress Preeti Jhangiani who was also a part of the jury reinstated the fact that a good smile is one of most indispensable assets that the contestants of the beauty pageant can wear.

While each contestant of Mid-Day Miss Fabb, Mrs Fabb and Mr Fabb Mumbai 2022 had a beautiful smile, there were the Royal Dental Best Smile winners that outshone others. The winners were:

Royal Dental Miss Fabb Mumbai 2022 Best Smile – Radhika Singh

Royal Dental Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022 Best Smile – Saloni Gupta

Royal Dental Clinics offer a versatile approach to a smile makeover, which includes perfection, quality, and the renowned “Royal Dental” service standards. A “smile makeover” can improve the appearance of your smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures.

So, if you are looking to achieve a pageant worthy smile, a well put together patient experience and award-winning dentists at Royal Dental Clinics would be delighted to render their services.

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