Royal Dental Clinics brings a Smile to the faces of Oral Cancer Patients.

Mumbai: The NCBI’s (National Center for Biotechnology Information) latest reports show that oral cancer is the sixth most common type of cancer in the world, with India accounting for almost one-third of the total burden and having the second-highest number of cases. But if detected in its earlier stages, oral cancer can be treated with ease through surgery and radiation. The real challenge begins after the surgery of oral cancer removal – the restructuring of the jaw and teeth, rehabilitation of the function of speech and eating habits, and claiming back normalcy.

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Our quest to find more answers for oral cancer patients led us to Dr. Chirag Chamria, practicing MDS at the Royal Dental Clinics based in Mumbai. One of the few state-of-the-art dental clinics in India that could boast of a multidisciplinary medical approach with surgeries often completed in a single day, overseen by an expert group of doctors. With patients coming in from faraway cities not limited to India, the cosmetic and dental implant clinic has operated on numerous full mouth rehabilitation and a few cancer patients and has turned their lives around.

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Oral cancer can be successfully cured, but the quality of life may be affected due to various factors.

One such reason could be the inability to chew food due to the removal of the jaw. Early detection of oral cancer can be frightening, but early detection is the key to a better diagnosis. Oral cancer can develop anywhere inside your mouth, especially in the jaw regions.

Knowing more about Cancer Affected Jaw can help you fight back with diet, lifestyle, and general wellness.

When should Oral Cancer patients consult with you?

We recommend oral cancer patients to consult with us before the cancer removal surgery i.e. during the diagnosis phase as this is the stage when most differences could be made. Unfortunately, most patients come to us after their cancer surgery and radiation treatment, usually after 1 to 1.5 years. At this time, the jaw area and the skin have almost healed, which only allows fabrication of decent function and aesthetics. This needs to change as the matter of timing makes a great difference.

Hence as mentioned earlier, it is best advised to visit it at the diagnosis phase. Also, check with your specialists on guidelines stated by the NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network). We at Royal Dental Clinics ensure to work by the guidelines and formulate a treatment plan keeping in mind the dental rehabilitation as well.

Have you had an oral cancer jaw surgery? Or you have recently been diagnosed with Oral Cancer? Have you lost a part of you Jaw due to Oral Cancer?

When will patients be able to eat, talk and get back their normalcy?

“Life after oral cancer surgery can be agreeably challenging, but not impossible to overcome and adjust. Especially, when the treatment is done at the right time. In cases where the treatment is commenced before the cancer removal surgery, predictable results can be achieved with the help of 3D printing and modeling. Fabrication of implants can be quite accurate and easily conform to the natural shape of the face.

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In cases where the teeth and bones have had to be completely extracted and replaced, there will be a few lifestyle adjustments, but nothing that will be impeding. With a correct rehabilitation program, the chewing and speech capabilities of the oral cancer survivor will get as good as what would be considered normal.’

The aim is to not to ‘Fight Cancer’; Rather ‘Reconstruct what is lost’ ~ Dr Chirag Chamria

Will the treatment affect Oral Cancer patients and make it worse?

Mouth cancers are mostly curable, especially when detected in its earlier stages. Most patients who suffer from oral cancers will also be suffering from other medical conditions and are usually malnourished. It is important to note that a person who may be obese can still be malnourished. Lack of macro and micronutrients are responsible for weak immunity. This tends to escalate after cancer surgery or radiation.

However, once the teeth and the jaw are restored with this treatment, it enables the patient to ingest food and digest better. Therefore, there is no direct effect of the replacement of teeth in making the treatment better or worse. The quality of life of the patient vastly improves”.

Is Oral Cancer treatment covered by insurance?

“Based on the extent of treatment required, the procedure could be quite economical as the technology used allows for both surgery and rehabilitation. Also, like many other cancer treatments, it is usually covered by medical insurance, which includes the part cost of rehabilitation. We also help and guide the patients with various financing options available.

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Lastly, how long does it take from consultation to surgery to discharge?

At Royal Dental Clinics, after examination, a thorough treatment plan along with financial options would be discussed with you. After the relevant X-rays and other diagnoses are taken care of, the procedure can be scheduled to be done on the same day or the next day. In cases of only dental rehabilitation, no night stay would be required at the clinic. However, in cases where cancer is removed along with dental rehabilitation, then discharge may be after 2-4 days. For further details, you can reach out to us here.

oral cancer patients
Royal Dental Clinics brings a Smile to the faces of Oral Cancer Patients

The SAPT Technology enables you to get the teeth immediately with a higher success rate. Earlier you would lose your cancer-affected jaw and also face difficulty in eating and quality of life. Now you may have an acceptable solution for the replacement of your cancer-affected jaw and teeth with this revolutionary CAJT technology. Procedures like cancer, microvascular, reconstruction, maxillofacial prosthesis, and implants are customised to suit individuals’ needs. While oral cancer is a hard path for its patients to tread on, modern technology and medicine clubbed with advanced clinics like Royal Dental Clinics makes it possible for oral cancer survivors to regain their smiles and lives.

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