Reliving Food times at my 90s with Royal Dental Clinics.

A despondent son, who had lost all speckles of hope for his 90-year-old mother looked up to Royal Dental Clinics.

A despondent son, who had lost all speckles of hope for his 90-year-old mother looked up to Royal Dental Clinics. The patient’s mother had been deprived of any solid food and was leading a physically feeble life for over a decade as she has no teeth. Due to age being a deterrent and with weak or no bone, a denture was not a viable option for her. The patient’s son had knocked on the doors of every dentist that he or his friends and families knew but went in vain.

When he read about Royal Dental Clinics’ 4 decades-long expertise in Dentistry, multiple award-winning Dental facility, and especially their prowess in Dental Implants, his hope was rekindled. Having visited various dentists and done multiple treatments that failed, the only aim of the patient’s son was that the mother can relive her lifestyle and eat solid food that she used to love and enjoy earlier. Little did he know that this One Day at Royal Dental Clinics is going to change his mother’s life forever.

Dental Implant with Fixed teeth

The day they visited Royal Dental Clinics, he met Dr. Chirag Chamria, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon at Royal Dental Clinics. Dr. Chirag Chamria is a Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with extensive training in zygomatic implants, cosmetic dentistry, orthognathic surgery, full mouth and oral cancer rehabilitation. With his undying passion for the field of Dentistry, Dr. Chirag Chamria in a short period has risen to become one of India’s youngest but promising oral surgeon.

Dr. Chirag in his calm and reassuring demeanor smiled and explained the limited options available for the patient, which included Dental Implants with Fixed Teeth. This was something ground-breaking for the patient’s son as this is what he was seeking for a decade or more. The patient’s son was elated but nervous, and finally chose to give his consent to begin his mother’s treatment. This treatment would avoid them multiple visit hassles and also get his mother to eat efficiently, almost immediately.

As one ages and especially retires, they may love to socialize, eat their favorite food and share a great time with friends and family. All this without the embarrassment and difficulty which comes with the use of other options such as dentures. Hence Dr. Chirag believes that the quality of life is of paramount importance at this age and dentists can contribute greatly to improving it. He adds that Dental Implants play a salient role in improving the quality of life of geriatric patients, as it allows them to eat better, get better nutrition, stay more social and lead healthy and active lifestyles. 

Royal Dental Clinics technology made it possible

With less or no bone and an age of 90, the most feasible option for the patient was Mini or Single Stage Dental Implants. Royal Dental Clinics has heavily invested in the latest dental technologies from across the globe. This aids in understanding a patient’s dental concerns on a platform that gives comprehensive measures to help diagnose the possible solutions. Digital planning protocol allows for patient’s facial and dental structures videography through digital technology.

The patient’s treatment began at around 10 am under conscious sedation. In between treatment, the patient was provided one of the private waiting rooms which is a first at a Dental Clinic since 1989. Royal Dental Clinics offers luxurious private waiting rooms complete with an ensuite bathroom to make the entire experience soothing and comfortable. With an in-house Dental Lab and over 4 decades of experience, the entire experience at Royal Dental Clinics for the patient was seamless and congenial. The treatment done by the caring, gentle and empathetic Dr. Chirag Chamria made the process even more placid.

Final Remarks

As assured, the treatment was completed at around 4 pm. The patient now had Dental Implants, Fixed Teeth, and a new lease on life even before the day ended. She could finally eat her favorite food, “Bhelpuri” right from the day following her getting Dental Implants. The mother-son duo couldn’t stop thanking Dr. Chirag Chamria and the entire team at Royal Dental Clinics for this significant transformation in her life. Now at the age of 90, she can eat what her heart desires. After facing dejection and multiple failed attempts at various Dental Clinics, she now had her appetite for food and life back, courtesy of Royal Dental Clinics and Dr. Chirag Chamria.

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