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When it comes to a root canal treatment, people relate it with the most painful dental procedure. They feel the pain to be so severe that they avoid treating their decayed tooth which requires a root canal therapy. Ideally speaking a root canal procedure is not as painful as a patient would anticipate. The pain related to root canal is different for different patients. Depending on the destruction of the tooth due to cavity, some patients may develop abscess, the pain of which is throbbing, some patients with grossly carious tooth would encounter no pain as the pulp is already exposed to the outer surface.

When a cavity reaches the pulp and when the patient experiences mild or excruciating pain, root canal is advised. Depending upon the severity of the pain from mild , moderate to severe, local anesthesia is injected. Local anesthesia could be infiltrated where the branches of the main nerve are blocked or it could be a block where the main nerve is anesthetized.

Root canal treatment in one day!

In laymen terms, a root canal is a procedure used to treat tooth infections which the tooth has to be put under pressure to prevent the infection from spreading. Root canals are performed by creating a hole through the tooth and injecting a medication to kill the bacteria in the tooth. The medication is injected at the level of the pulp or lingual nerves. It is a simple procedure which doesn’t have any side effects and hence requires little anaesthesia and comfort during the procedure.

After eradicating the infection from the tooth, a dental crown is placed over the area to protect the natural tooth from further damage. This is the gist of the Root Canal Treatment. Generally, people are less concerned when it comes to a dental treatment. Hence, most patients avoid getting dental treatment done and also feel that dental procedures are very expensive and time-consuming as multiple visits are required. However, Root canal treatment is a very common dental procedure and can be carried out in one sitting.

Root Canal | Royal Dental Clinics case study

Single rooted anterior teeth are not at all painful as compared to the multirooted molar teeth. The pain caused during root canal depends even on the pain threshold of an individual and that varies from patients to patients. Pain threshold is the capacity of bearing certain level of pain. In some individuals, root canal can be done without prior anesthesia. One of the easiest methods to access pain is to ask the patient to rate his pain on a scale of 1 to 10.

Sometimes, during the treatment, even the patients give their past dental history to their dentist when it comes to getting a root canal treatment done. Pain management strategies like use of analgesic medications, cold pack application are also used.  

Root canal therapy is a must tooth saving procedure which we advise to the patients to undergo in order to save their natural tooth as it is beneficial for functional and aesthetic purpose.

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