How has 3D printing changed the face of dentistry.

3D printing is one of the most critical equipment advancement in dentistry in the 21st century yet. Now with 3D printing, the doctors don’t have to rely on 2 images or 3D xrays on a computer screen. As dentists now, it is possible to actually look at the jaw bone as it is, with accuracy in dimension, texture, density now even a surgical plan can be fabricated. 

3D printing has helped to provide solution to complex rehabilitations which were not possible before. Now, even in cases of jaw cancers accurate removal of the bone can be planned and a guide can be prepared which increases the predictability and the accuracy while reducing the duration of surgery. Now not only removing the cancerous bone but also reconstruction using bone or titanium or other polymers can be planned accurately by 3D printing. 

Planning of dental implants or more complex zygomatic implants with surgical guides can make the implant surgery stitch free. In most of the traditional method of implant placement the gums are cut to look at the bone. With 3D printing now surgical guides can be made and even complex cases of zygomatic implants can be done flapless or minimally invasive. 

Obviously there is a learning curve in  the use of 3D printing but once at upper end of this curve the possibilities are limitless.  In high aesthetic demand cases, where the position of the bone is altered a more predictable outcome can be anticipated by the patient. As duration of the surgery is reduced so are the complications relating to the surgery. 

3D Printing of Facial Anatomy
3D Printing Dentistry

Cases which should be planned using 3D printing in facial surgery are:

  1. Complex dental implants
  2. Zygomatic dental implants
  3. Oral cancers involving bone. 
  4. Cosmognathic jaw surgery
  5. Facial plastic surgery

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