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What is a Tooth Jewellery?

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An extraordinary smile brightens your face and makes it look increasingly attractive. Absolute white teeth make your smile beautiful and leave you confident. If you are searching for one more approach to make your smile stylish, you should consider getting it blinged. Tooth jewel is an adornment that is set on the front of your tooth. This style lets you express your uniqueness through your smile, making it progressively one of a kind and fashionable. There are a wide range of jewellery designs to select from before this dental procedure.

Dental Jewellery Procedure

The procedure of fixing teeth jewelry is very simple and usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Before the procedure, your tooth enamel will be cleaned with a fluoride–free polishing paste, then this portion will be etched with orthophosphoric acid (37%) for 20-30 seconds to increase the surface area of bonding. The next process is the application of a bonding agent which will be left for 20 seconds. Then a small amount of the composite will be placed on the surface of the tooth and the jewel will be picked by a handler and placed in the centre of the composite. The jewel will take 20 seconds to set on the tooth.

Here is how Tooth jewellery is applied:

Once the patient has agreed to go for a tooth jewelry, given them various options to finally arrive at the color, size, and shape of the jewellery. The following is a step-by-step approach for placing it on the tooth.

🌟 The tooth is completely dried, isolated, and cleaned with a polishing paste

Tooth is etched with 37% orthophosphoric acid for about 30 seconds. This will improve the bonding of the jewelry to the tooth structure.

🌟 The etchant is then rinsed off with water and the tooth is again dried for about 10 secondsA light-curing bonding agent is applied on the tooth, left in place for about 20 seconds, light-cured, rinsed off and dried again

Place a small amount of flow composite on the tooth surface

Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental jewellery

🌟 Using a small forceps, pick up the jewel to be placed on the tooth without touching with fingers. Avoid skin contact especially on the back of the jewel. Position it in the desired way and apply gentle pressure

The jewel should be in close contact with the enamel, pushing out the excess composite material from the tooth structure

🌟 While still in the dental chair, show it to the patient on a mirror and make minor adjustments if required

Once the final position is achieved, cure the composite thoroughly for about 60 seconds. Cure it from all sides including the back of the tooth. It takes about 4 minutes for the entire placement to be easy, is it not?

Complications during Dental procedure:

Tooth jewelry is for any person who wants to add a sparkle to their smile, of a color of choice. It is advantageous in being temporary, painless, and of course brightening and dazzling the smile. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Royal Dental Clinics in Mumbai.

Lost jewellery due to aspiration.

Chronic irritation to the adjacent mucosa (especially lips or tongue).

Tooth fracture due to weakened natural tooth structure, especially if the chosen jewelry size is slightly bigger

Dental Jewellery Aftercare

You should avoid brushing your teeth vigorously and eating spicy or sticky foods. It’s important to maintain proper oral hygiene after a tooth piercing. It’s important to have dental check-ups every 6 months to make sure the jewellery is not damaging your teeth or gums.

Dental care
Dental care

Longevity of Tooth Jewellery Dental Procedure

These jewels can last for a long time. However, few people need these jewels only for special celebrations or a specific event, and others may retain them for a lifetime. Depending upon the type and purpose of tooth jewelry opted, and consequently its bonding material, this finished product will last for about four months to four years! It is important that you, the patient, know that this procedure is not permanent.

Removal of Tooth Jewellery

When you feel that you want to remove the jewel from your teeth, you need to plan a visit to Royal Dental India and get them removed. One should never try to remove the jewel at home as it can badly harm your tooth. The procedure is similar to the removal of orthodontic brackets.

How Long Tooth Jewelry Lasts?

Tooth jewelry or gem applied by the dental professionals on a natural tooth will remain on until you choose to have it removed again. In light of the expert dentist, it will absolutely continue to remain for 6 months up to a couple of years. These Jewelries or gems are just 0.4 mm or 0.9 mm thick and 1.8 mm to 3 mm wide. At first, something on your tooth may feel to be new and playful, yet a couple of days after the application you will become used to the new addition.

Does The Jewel Impede Brushing?

No, the presence of the jewel won’t have any effect on your routine dental cleanliness and hygiene measures. But, it is advised not to utilize an electric brush for the initial 24 hours after any kind of jewel and gem has been placed on your teeth.

You have the perfect designer lehenga, the matching footwear, the classic jewellery. Top that all off with gleaming white pearls? What you get is a perfect ensemble!

Can you clean Teeth after this dental procedure?

Without a doubt, you can have your teeth cleaned by an expert dentist. These little pieces of jewelry won’t cause an issue for the hygienist cleaning your teeth. The area underneath the jewel or gem is fixed like a filling and won’t let in any bacteria or germs to build up. The hygienist can easily clean on top and around the gem with a delicate point.

The Cost of Dental Jewelry

The cost depends on several factors including the number, quality, and size of the jewels and/or the materials used that vary by weight in price (from Gold to Silver). Once we know your desires and evaluate your smile we would be able to give you a more accurate estimate of the cost of your customized Tooth Jewelry.

Royal Dental Clinics specializes in ‘Tooth Jewelry’. Which means you can get years of transformation and a model-like perfect smile, in just One Sitting. The expert doctors at Royal Dental Clinics have years of experience dealing with all kinds of cases, bringing smiles to thousands of patients.

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