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Dr. Arun Chamria ‘Henry Ford of Dental Implants’

Dr. Arun Chamria

In loving memory of our beloved honourable Late Dr. Arun Chamria | Dental Implants

It is not easy to condense the inspiring saga of a man of the stature like Late Dr Arun Chamria in a single page. But we have tried to encapsulate the incredible saga of Late Dr Arun Chamria not only as a Dental Surgeon, but also as a human being who has proven his mettle, with every adversity. Late Dr. Arun Chamria’s success story is incredible and unlike any other Doctor that you would hear. Born in Rajasthan to an affluent Marwari family in 1960, Late Dr Arun Chamria and his family soon moved to Mumbai for his father’s job. Dr. Arun Chamria was the first in his family to have studied in a convent school (St. Anne’s High School, Orlem, Mumbai). He then handed over his legacy to Dr Chirag Chamria .

Dr. Chamria had a very novel approach towards academics, which is timeless and relevant even today. He believed in cognitive processing of education and the subjects that he studied, as against the mugging and reproducing the mugged content kind of learning. So, while an average student would memorise mathematical formulas, Dr. Chamria would first derive the formula and then solve the mathematical sum. This is what made him stand poles apart from other students and their approach towards education. He would like today’s students to emulate this academic formula and see the glorious results for themselves.

Dr. Arun Chamria

A Professional

The list of amazing feats that he kept achieving is fathomless. At the age of 21 years, he chose to become a Dentist and joined the dental wing at Nair Dental College. He finished his course in Dentistry and passed with flying colours to become an innovator par excellence in the field of Dentistry. There is one interaction that changed the dynamics of Late Dr Arun Chamria’s ethos as a Dental Surgeon and as a professional in the field of Dentistry. In 1984 when 24-year-old Late Dr Arun Chamria was at a conference hosted by the then President of the ADA. Dr Donald Bentley. Post the conference, Dr Bentley asked a question one-on-one to Dr Chamria. The question was, “Who according to you is a professional?”. 

Dr. Bentley then went ahead and answered the question himself; he said,

“A professional is 33% of your academic knowledge, 33% of economic management knowledge and 33% knowledge of the prevailing laws.”

This statement kindled the spirit of Dr. Arun Chamria and changed him forever as a person, as a Dental Surgeon and more than anything else; as a professional. Dr Arun Chamria was a man of his words, he led great revolutions in the industry.

Dental Expertise

Honed his skill by undergoing several trainings in advanced techniques relevant to his specialisation from global stalwarts in dentistry. He learnt surgical techniques in dental implants from Dr Manfred Lang in Germany, and on fixing implants in poor bone-density conditions under Dr. Parel and Dr. Peter Moy in Los Angeles. He worked under Dr. Dahlberg at the Sweden University Hospital and learned innovative technology in sinus lift and other critical surgical techniques. Dr Chamria also has the distinction of being the first Indian dentist to be associated with Computer Guided Implantology.

He learned this at Grenoble, France, much before its introduction by Nobel Bio care at Las Vegas in December 2005. He also underwent training in the latest technology in dental implants known as ‘All on 4’. Additionally, he completed a training programme in ethical practise management at Los Angeles. In 2008, Dr Chamria took special training for Zygomatic Implants, i.e. implants in thin maxilla and mandible.

Royal Dental Clinics, Mumbai

Dr. Arun Chamria painstakingly established Royal Dental Clinics in Mumbai, which to date remains one of the only premium Dental Clinics in India to have a fully-fledged in-house Dental Lab at the same location as the clinic.  Dr. Arun Chamria entrusted the able and well qualified Dr. Chirag Chamria to forward the legacy of the preeminent Royal Dental Clinics. Every setback contains the seeds of enrichment, says Dr. Chirag Chamria as he continues the prodigious task of taking forward the legacy of Royal Dental Clinics.  

As we soak in the personality of this amazing human being, here’s some unconventional, yet profound words of Late Dr. Chamria, “A Problem is a Boon in Your Life, it Teaches You a Lot”. Royal Dental has been congratulated for expertise by the implant community at World Congress on Oral Implantology on how to re-treat failed immediate load implants at U.S.A. in 2004. In the said conference the technique of ‘Same day fixed teeth with dental implants’ was accepted and a consensus was established. In this newer technique, in most patients, the implant and fixed teeth can be put on the same day itself.

Royal Dental Clinics not only excels in Implants but through modern cosmetic dentistry, provides excellent cosmetic solutions thereby providing a ‘smile makeover’. 

Coffee Conversations with Maharashtra Times hosted an interview with Dr Arun Chamria live to cover saga of a professional who has excelled in his field despite the difficult times of Corona. Ms Asmita Neve Pawar moderated the session for Dr Chamria and it was highy impressed by his way of thinking. He is also Founding President of the Indian Dental Association, Mumbai Western Suburb, and was the editor of Nairite, the Nair Hospital Dental College journal, in 1982.


In addition to smile makeovers, Royal Dental Clinics provides comfortable surgical correction with Cosmognathic technology. A combination of SAPTeeth, Facial Cosmognathic, & Stem Cell Rejuvenation services for anti-ageing, facelift and smile designing are offered, using the latest technologies that include 3D scanning, CBCT, Virtual surgical planning, and 3D photography. Taking Royal Dental Clinics services up a notch in serving its patients, it has been upgraded with the most advanced planning machines that will aid in rehabilitating, mouth cancer patients quickly and comfortably.

Legacy Continues with Dental Implants

In April of 2021, Dr. Arun Chamria, one of India’s most illustrious Dentists succumbed to Covid-19 complications leaving the Oral Healthcare Fraternity poorer. The man of many parts, Dr. Arun Chamria’s immense contribution to the Indian Dental Fraternity will be cherished. He was an advocate of ‘Dental Implants in One Day’ way ahead of his time.  Now Dr Chirag mangaed to Royal Dental, he specializes in oncology, facial aesthetics, and zygomatic and dental implant rehabilitation. Dr. Chirag introduced various advanced technologies at Royal Dental Clinics. 

Dr Chirag Chamria | Oral Surgeon

A succession plan is about getting the right person in place for the legacy you leave behind.  Speaking of a few characteristics of effective succession planning, Dr. Arun would say, “One should seed in the right principles, ethics, and morals at a young age. This is what helped him and that Dr. Chirag would follow.” 

Patient Reviews on Same Day Dental Implants

A dream come true for all, the “Same Day Fixed Teeth” innovation by Royal Dental Clinics is best suited for today’s time-pressed patients and lifestyle, be it a bride to be or a business traveller on a tight schedule. This not only attracts patients from across the length and breadth of the county but also patients visiting Royal Dental Clinics from across the globe.  In the words of one of the patients, Mr. Angelo; “I got my root canal and crown done at Royal Dental Clinics and I was surprised that it was done in just a matter of flat 4 hours, which is what I wanted due to lack of time. I would recommend Royal Dental Clinics to all my friends and family members for their excellent dental services”.

The highest level of patient satisfaction is embedded in the ethos of Royal Dental Clinic by its founder, Dr. Arun Chamria. Dr. Chirag Chamria as he inspects every aspect of the patient journey at Royal Dental Clinics. It is this holistic approach towards dental care that has made Royal Dental Clinics won many accolades.  

Unfolding Saga

As we get to know this dynamic personality of Late Dr. Arun Chamria, the more facets of his persona are revealed. The go-getter Late Dr. Chamria started practising Same Day Loading of Implants, way before his colleagues had started and at a time when some were even against such procedures. It was in the year 2004 that Late Dr. Arun Chamria presented his thesis on Same Day Dental Implants. Not only was the concept acknowledged, but also applauded and that too at the highest forum of Dentistry – The World Congress on Oral Implantology.

With his feet firmly planted by the values and learning of Dr. Arun Chamria, Dr. Chirag Chamria in his capacity as a Director of Royal Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., is all set to touch unprecedented territories and has an erudite plan for Royal Dental Clinics in the future. He smiles and says that he is sure that his father, Dr. Arun Chamria is smiling from the heavens above, seeing me (Dr. Chirag Chamria) bringing smiles to patients every day; literally. 

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