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Do you need to Brush your Tongue


You probably have not given much thought to your tongue’s oral hygiene. You need to brush tongue as you use toothbrush the rest of your teeth. But, the fact is that your tongue can accumulate bacteria and other gunk just like any other part of your mouth. In fact, the back of your tongue is one of the sites most prone to develop plaque accumulation. The answer is yes! You need to brush your tongue as diligently as you use tooth brush for the rest of your oral cavity. Let’s find out why and how in this article.

Why Do You Need To Brush Your Tongue?

Your tongue is a porous structure with a lot of nooks and crannies with bacteria and germs that can thrive. In fact, it is one of the most bacteria-ridden areas of your mouth. So, if you brush your tongue, your breath will likely improve. Also, plaque on your tongue can lead to bad breath. It can also increase the risk of developing cavities and gum disease. If you do not remove the bacteria from your tongue, they can travel down the back of your throat and cause infections like tonsillitis or strep throat.


Bad breath is caused by a number of factors. The most common source of bad breath is oral bacteria that has accumulated around your teeth. Its odor is called halitosis, and it can be caused by a number of different things. The bacteria that cause bad breath feed on food particles that are found in the mouth. In order to remove these particles, you must brush your teeth and tongue thoroughly. A tongue scraper or toothbrush can also be used. By removing these particles, you can kill the bacteria in the mouth and prevent bad breath.

Why Is Brushing Your Tongue Important?

The same reasons that apply to brushing your teeth apply to brushing your tongue. These include a cleaner mouth, fresher breath, and decreased risk of oral diseases. In addition, keeping your tongue clean also promotes proper chewing and speech. If you notice that your teeth are feeling sensitive, it could be a sign that your tongue needs a thorough cleaning.

Toothbrush for Teeth!

Brushing your teeth and tongue will help remove plaque and other substances that irritate your teeth. Blades of grass, pieces of dirt, etc. are often picked up when eating and drinking. All this stuff is deposited on your tongue, teeth, and gums. If you do not clean your tongue, it can also contribute to bad breath and yellow teeth. A dirty tongue can trap bacteria, food particles, and toxins that can cause bad breath and the yellowing of teeth. The normal bacteria on your tongue are not harmful, but they can produce a buildup of debris that you need to remove daily.

How to Brush your Tongue?

Make sure you use the correct technique to ensure you are getting your tongue clean. First, start by rinsing your mouth with water to remove any leftover food or debris on the surface of your tongue. When you are feeling ready, get a new toothbrush and turn it on.

Now, put it in your mouth, but don’t use it for brushing your teeth. Instead, use it to scrub the surface of your tongue. Make sure you cover every inch of your tongue and then rinse it out with water again. If you are not happy with the job you did, try again. Tongue brushing is an art and requires practice.

Tips for Brushing your Tongue

Make tongue brushing a regular part of your oral hygiene routine. One way to make this happen is to schedule it in your daily planner. Use the right technique, and use the right brush. Make sure that the brush is soft enough to clean your tongue yet firm enough to remove debris.

Brush your tongue every day, preferably after brushing your teeth. This can be a matter of personal preference. However, brushing your tongue is important, so make sure you do it.

Brush your tongue in both directions. This ensures that you scrub every inch of your tongue. Rinse your mouth with water after brushing your tongue. This will help remove any remaining debris.

Change your toothbrush every 3-4 months or when it starts feeling worn out.

Use mouthwash if you have bad breath. This is a great way to kill the germs in your mouth that cause bad breath.

Visit your dentist regularly. This will allow your dentist to check your teeth and gums and tell you if you are doing a good job at home.


Brushing your tongue is an essential part of good oral hygiene, and it’s something you should be doing every day. If you want to keep your teeth and gums healthy, you need to make sure you are brushing your tongue. You should also be brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. If you make these two things a part of your daily routine, you can keep your mouth healthy and avoid problems like cavities, gum disease, and bad breath.

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