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Missed dental check up? Know why you shouldn’t

Dental check up

A regular dental check up is mandatory for the success and long life of your treatment. It may be a small filling or a complete full mouth rehabilitation with zygomatic implants. In all conditions it is necessary to keep a periodic appointment with your dentist. They are scheduled specially to ensure that your teeth and mouth are in good health, even post treatment. Dentist is the only person who can tell whether your mouth and teeth are in good health and that there are no infections or any other problems present.

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Keep regular dental check up to avoid unnecessary dental issues in the future.

Why is a dental check up necessary?

A mouth that is not in good health will be more susceptible to infections that will become severe if not attended to. Be that as it may, keeping the oral health healthy is beyond the reach of many patients. They delay their medical appointments due to various reasons. In many cases, the infection is small and there are more simple methods to handle it in your home without the need to visit a dentist near by. Your dentist will ask for your oral health examination to detect any type of disease that could affect the dental treatment. It is during this check up appointment that a future prediction of the oral problems can be diagnosed and corrected promptly.

What are the benefits of a dental follow up?

It is important to undergo a regular dental follow up if you have undergone a dental treatment. At Royal Dental Clinics, we follow a robust follow-up system, which most of our patients adhere to. A dental followup gives a clear idea about your state of health, and whether the treatment has been successful. Your dentist may suggest a modification or upgradation in the treatment, depending on your progress. It also determines the durability of your final treatment. The benefit of a regular follow up is that your dentist can plan for your upgraded treatment in a better way.

An apple a day keeps a dentist away. If the dentist is handsome, you may keep the apple away!


How often should you visit your dentist?

When you start your treatment at the dental clinic of your choice, the most important thing is to consult the dentist regularly. Especially when you change your work plan. The dentist’s clinical staff and the dental specialists will make recommendations on how often you should visit. If you skip this step and your work plan changes, the cost of this treatment would be high. So you must pay attention to everything. Why should you go to the dentist every 2 to 4 weeks initially?

Simple! To get your bite corrected as it may require a while for the teeth to adjust to new set of teeth. This appointment should be covered by your dentist.

Missed Dental Check up? Know Why You Shouldn’t

What should you do if you can’t make an appointment?

If your last visit was not within the prescribed time, check what is the required time period for your next appointment. The appointment usually depends on how the previous treatments or procedures of your dentist have been. For example, dental implants are more permanent, as you will need to keep visiting the dental centre for your dental check up and also need to know about the progress and side effects of the treatment. Therefore, for this reason it is essential to take care of your treatment process and make proper follow ups. Key issues which may arise due to not adherence of your follow up appointment;


There is always some risk of infection when undergoing dental treatment. Secondary infections are a common cause if proper medication and post-operative instructions are not followed. During the checkup your dentist will reexamine all the teeth including the treated area. And, based on the condition can advise if any further management is required.

Bone loss

If a tooth is removed or has fallen off due to poor oral hygiene, the bone in that area starts to shrink causing bone loss. Many a times this is diagnosed during the regular checkups. Wherein, even before the tooth starts to shake, preventive measures can be started.

Prosthetic Damage

Natural teeth have a tendency to wear off. When the natural teeth wear off, the teeth comes out of the socket to maintain the bite plane. But, when caps or bridges are places the natural wearing of process is altered. And, therefore it is important that the bite be corrected at the follow ups. Failure to which can result in breakage on prosthesis or pain.

Other problems like implant failure, breakage of natural teeth, gum bleeding and swelling, TMJ problems, bruxism and clenching may arise.


It is obvious that dental treatment has both short and long-term effects on a person’s life and quality of living. By having teeth straightened, such patients can enjoy a full set of teeth in their natural shape and comfort. It is important that we always seek proper advice to avoid complications. We at Royal Dental Clinics emphasize our patients to visit us for regular follow ups. Reminder call before the appointment are done to make sure patient doesn’t skip or miss their appointment. This helps in better success rate of our treatment and patient’s health.

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  1. A regular dental check up is mandatory for the success and long life of your treatment. They are scheduled specially to ensure that your teeth and mouth are in good health.

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