5 Tips for a Healthier Smile

We’re clicking pictures day in and day out. Since selfies have become a trend, your smile needs to be on point no matter what. Smile is also the feature that makes a long lasting impression and is noticed first. It is an understated yet an essential feature that makes you stand out of the crowd. But, we’re always hustling and always in a rush – we even forget to brush our teeth, let alone visiting the dentist for a monthly cleanup. Well, such situations could lead to serious dental damage.

healthy smile
Wondering how you can stay away from the cavities and tooth decay?

We’ve got you covered. Here are 5 ways to keep your smile healthy and white:

Floss like a boss!

If you want a healthier smile, don’t forget the basic flossing and brushing time to time. Flossing is the most essential part of oral hygiene that most of us miss. It is highly recommended you brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and also rinse after every meal.

PS – Don’t forget to use a tooth-brush with softer bristles as the others could cause damage to your gums.

Not without a mouth wash.

Yes, you read it right. Mouth wash is essential. Even after all the brushing and flossing? Yes! Brushing or flossing won’t really be able to reach the interiors of the mouth and flush away the germs. It is hence suggested that you should use a mouth wash at-least twice a day to make sure there’s no leftover bacteria.

Eat food that’s teeth-good.

Did that get you confused? Yes, the concept of teeth-friendly food does exist. While a lot of people don’t really know about it but food can make or break your gums. Go for teeth-healthy foods like cheese, chicken, nuts, fruits or milk to ensure that you protect the enamel from bacteria. It’s best recommended to stay away from aerated drinks and chocolates.

Visit your dentist often.

While it sounds like a task and many of you may even be afraid of visiting the dentist, trust me, it needs to be a part of your routine. Just like we visit the salon for our hygiene, dental hygiene is equally important. It’s great to have your dentist do a quarterly cleanup of your mouth and ensure you have pearly white teeth for that gorgeous smile.

Quit smoking!

This may sound like another advice to you but it’s not. It’s essential – not just for your health but also for your smile. The nicotine and tar not just turns your teeth pale but eventually also erodes the gums. It allows the plaque to set in your gums thereby degrading the bone that supports the tooth. From tooth decay to bad breath and other severe problems, smoking isn’t just meant for you if you want to keep up your smile.

While, most of us are always ready to invest handsomely in our appearance, these are 5 quick and not-so-expensive ways to keep up your confident smile. Let us know if there are any other ways you follow to keep your teeth healthy!

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