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Royal Dental Clinics is Internationally recognised for our founder’s contribution to ‘Same Day Fixed Teeth’, ‘Immediate Loading of Implants’, ‘Advances in Dentistry’, particularly in the field of Implantology. Royal Dental Clinics News.

A smile bridges the gap between two individuals and is enough to disarm opponents in any argument. The teeth play a vital role in creating a perfect smile; hence seeking cosmetic solutions for an attractive smile are no longer limited only to celebrities. Cosmetic dentistry involves professional oral care that improves overall appearance of your mouth, teeth & smile. Although cosmetic dentistry procedures are usually elective, some cases of treatment may be essential too.Don’t let a fractured tooth stand in way of your smile — know your restorative options that will make your smile look real!In cases where naturally aligned teeth are stained, these can be removed by oral prophylaxis or scaling in few minutes.

Royal Dental Clinics News.

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For teeth that are crooked or chipped, customised shells of tooth-coloured material can be fitted over the teeth surface as required by InDent Laboratory; an in-house manufacturing unit of Royal Dental Clinics.Rediscover your full smile by replacing missing teeth & filling spaces in-between with restorations. Most patients come to Royal Dental Clinics for these shock absorbable advanced polymer solutions. Royal technologies are at the forefront of even placement of implants in less or no bone structures to replace a missing teeth using SAPT Technology. Discover what makes your smile beautiful at Royal Dental Clinics, do a self-assessment to decide if you’re ready for a change

Founded in Mumbai, India by the visionary Dr Arun Chamria in 1983, Royal Dental Clinics was established to forever change the Dental landscape in India and provide class-leading services, specialised dental treatments and use of the most advanced dental technology from around the world.

Since, its inception, there has been no looking back for Dr Arun Chamria and his team. Royal Dental has been congratulated for expertise by the implant community at World Congress on Oral Implantology on how to re-treat failed immediate load implants at U.S.A. in 2004. In the said conference the technique of ‘Same day fixed teeth with dental implants’ was accepted and a consensus was established. Previously the teeth were put after 3 to 6 months of implants insertion. In this newer technique, in most patients, the implant and fixed teeth can be put on the same day itself.


Constantly looking for new ways to innovate and improve on their offerings, the Team at Royal Dental Clinics involves themselves in more research and developmental work, which, in turn, enables them to innovate solutions in the world of dentistry such as ‘Same Day Fixed Teeth’. Royal Dental Clinics established its in-house manufacturing unit in 1989 and an in- house Royal Dental Lab (RDL) in 2004. RDL makes crowns and bridges for long-term dental prosthesis such as in-house CADCAM (Computer Aided Designing Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology and 3D printing.

With persistent progress in the Dental arena, Royal Dental Clinics is proud to be recognised and celebrated by major newspaper and internationally acclaimed and credible magazines such as Forbes. To be revered by such commended publications and to contribute to it, takes Royal Dental Clinics head and shoulders above in the Dental Care Industry.

It is this endeavour and vision of the founder doctor, Dr. Arun Chamria and the team at Royal Dental Group of Companies that has put Royal Dental Clinics on the Global map when it comes to Oral Healthcare. Royal Dental Clinics News.

Every time that a patient visits us, the team here at Royal Dental Clinics will go the extra mile to make sure that each patient walks out with a Smile that they will not only keep on faces but in their hearts forever. So when it comes to Dental Needs, even the newspapers say, Think Different, Think Royal.


Is your smile making you look older than you are? Royal Dental Clinics News.

Royal Dental Clinics has heavily invested in latest dental technologies from across the globe. This aids in understanding patient concerns on a platform which gives comprehensive measures to help diagnosing the best solution possible. Digital planning protocol allows for careful analysis of the patient’s facial and dental structures through videography and digital technology. As per Dr. Chirag Chamria, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon at Royal Dental Clinics, “For us, excellence is our constant pursuit. Patients want immediate results & are no longer ready to hold back for days to restore their smile. We strive for nothing less than the mastery of this medium in which we have chosen to craft.”

Beautiful Smile In One Sitting – Coz One Size Doesn’t Fit

Royal Dental Clinics feature an in-house state of the art Dental Lab (InDent), which enables them to exact a tremendous amount of oversight in the customisation procedures, significantly reduce chair side time, and allows unprecedented access between doctors, technicians and patients. From high quality materials that mimic natural teeth, to their technologically aided process for creating facial harmony through the smile, the care that they offer is truly bespoke and one-of-a- kind. It is through such advancement and inclusions that Royal Dental Clinics are able to complete Dental treatments in just One Sitting.

Know why it’s never too late to have a youthful smile. Don’t let your gum problems ruin the overall appearance of your smile!


Don’t Quarantine From A Perfect Smile

Due to the on-going pandemic & most of us working from home, dental experts believe that this is the perfect time for a Smile Makeover. As venturing out of the house & attending social events are at a minimal, this time can be best utilised to get acquainted with your new transformed Smile. Nearly any dental problem you can imagine can be addressed in one way or another through modern cosmetic dentistry.

Royal Dental Clinics, Mumbai, have separate waiting rooms, resting areas, consulting rooms and treatment rooms for every patient. Utmost care and comfort is provided to patients and relatives by every staff keeping in mind the safety parameters during this pandemic. To know more, visit

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