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Dental implant

If you have a missing tooth then dental implant are one of many options for the replacement of the same. Dental implants prosthetic devices which act as root replicas on which a crown or cap fixed. Royal Dental Clinics not only excels at implants, but also modern cosmetic dentistry. It provides excellent cosmetic solutions, thereby providing ‘smile makeover’ procedures in one day. In case of a broken tooth, generally it’s seen that the root healthy and only the crown of the natural tooth damaged. NOW! Watch Implant Patient Reviews.


In missing tooth patients, dental implants in one sitting may be the last alternative treatment. The natural root can be saved by using various modalities like pulp therapy, post and core and splinting. These modalities would increase the life of the natural remaining tooth structure and hence protect the bone as well. But in few cases of completely damaged tooth, the root may have to be removed or extracted, In cases of no active infection, a dental implant can be placed immediately and given an artificial tooth on the same day. To get a prosthesis or artificial tooth in place on the same day. Watch the patient reviews below for dental implants in one day.

Implant Review: “I was happy to hear that the Implant can be done in One Day. I met Dr. Chirag Chamria and he advised me of a very beautiful plan for my upper implants. He had done a wonderful job in One Day and it was surprising to me.”

Factors that determine choice for One Day implant

🦷 The cost of the dental implant depends on the dentist’s service fee. A custom dental implant may be higher when compared with many implant brands in the market.

🚩 The treatment by itself and the complexity of the case plays an important role in determination of the cost of dental implant. Some implants start from 100 USD in India and may even vary up to 1200 USD for zygomatic cases. While in Europe or USA, these costs start itself from 1500 USD for a basal implant. This is one of the reasons why India has recently become a major tourist hub of Dental Care Solutions.

Yes, it’s true! Dental Implants can be completed in One Day to Replace your missing teeth. Fixed Teeth in just One Day. Watch more patient reviews to know about the recovery from dental treatments.

🦷 Dental insurance cost in India is negligible compared to what is charged in comparison to western countries like the USA, UK. However, That’s why they come over India where the cost of the treatment is almost one-third of that in the US with no dental insurance cost.

🚩 More than dental implants it is the prosthesis or crowns which play an important role in implants. Traditionally, the lower costing metal, ceramics, and zirconia’s used to restore the missing tooth, but in cases where the patients opt for more bio-friendly, and shock absorbable materials then SAPTeeth are recommended.

Time for One Day Dental Implants? Watch Reviews

Royal Dental Clinics offers a revolutionary dental implant technique that can immediately replace missing or failing teeth in as little as a couple of hours. Our highly qualified and trained Dental Surgeons have been performing these well-documented and highly successful procedures for over two decades. Royal Dental Clinics proud as it’s recognised for this innovation of Implants. We even prouder to say help our patients regain their self-confidence and quality of life in as little as one day.

Whether you need to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or all your teeth, or whether you are wearing unsightly partials or painful dentures, you will get your smile back in just single day at Royal Dental Clinics in most of the cases. Dental Implants with Fixed Teeth in single Day, unique procedure, because fully-functional teeth placed on the same day that you receive dental implants. This allows you to experience instant, beautiful results from your dental implant procedure.

Implant Patient review USA | India Dental Tourism & hospitality

Thanks to the stability that dental implants offer, you will be able to smile, talk, and eat with confidence. Implants also help to stabilise and maintain the jaw bone, preventing future bone loss. Implants are a popular alternative to dentures. As dentures can be a hassle and may also contribute to bone loss in the jaw.

Thanks to the stability that dental implants offer, you will be able to smile, talk, and eat with confidence. Implants also help to stabilize and maintain the jaw bone, preventing future bone loss. Dental implants are a popular alternative to dentures. As dentures can be a hassle and may also contribute to bone loss in the jaw.

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  3. This blog is so informative and thoughtful. As my uncle has a few missing teeth, he is considering this treatment.

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