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PEEK in Dentistry – All you need to know!

peek in dentistry

Let’s take a peak into what PEEK is all about. Polyether Ether Ketone also known as PEEK, is a thoroughly researched dental framework material that is quick to replace metal components in a variety of dentistry applications. PEEK has been in use for Implantology for over 30 years (invertebrate discs, hip joints, etc) in the body. It is the most stable high-performance polymer in existence which is vital for any biocompatible material.

Conventional materials such as metal and Zirconium have less elasticity which can lead to fractures of the porcelain or TMJ problems. Therefore, it is the cushion effect of PEEK which makes it desirable for implants, bridges, and crowns.

The Benefits of PEEK in Dentistry

Not affected by temperature as compared to traditional materials such as Ceramics

Most bio-compatible material, which can withstand harsh conditions without any cracks

Trusted material which can be adopted as a framework without too many concerns of fracture

Dental products made with PEEK are stronger than conventional products made with ceramics or zirconia

Can be made thinner and lighter than the conventional materials without putting much pressure on the bone

Sneak Peak At PEEK Framework In Dentistry

PEEK is an ideal dental framework material for dentistry! It is biocompatible properties are its core strength.

  1. Dental abutment in peek material
  1. PEEK removable partial dentures 
  1. Fixed prosthetic PEEK framework

Advantages of PEEK as Framework in dentistry:

In the following pointers, few of the many benefits of PEEK are encapsulated:

  1. PEEK possesses higher strength to weight ratio which is especially important for dental implant and devices. 
  2. It is lighter than metal and more comfortable for patients with bruxism.
  3. PEEK’s weight and density is similar to the natural bone hence it makes it strong and flexible.
  4. It is a metal-free polymer therefore it provides natural aesthetics. 
  5. Above all, PEEK framework provides 26 times more shock absorption than titanium.
A framework of peek polymer with SAPT.HIPC crowns over it is unique. PEEK acts like a shock absorber and effectively dissipates the load on the entire arch. Even in cases of crown fracture, the repairs may take few minutes and that also can be done chair-side itself.

As per Dr. Chirag Chamria, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon at Royal Dental Clinics, “For us, excellence is our constant pursuit. Patients want immediate results & are no longer ready to hold back for days to restore their smile. We strive for nothing less than the mastery of this medium in which we have chosen to craft.”

Implants with biocompatible PEEK and SAPTeeth crowns

Firstly, aesthetics play an and important role in full mouth rehabilitation for framework and teeth. Aesthetics in full mouth rehabilitation comprises of multiple crowns, bridges, implants along with gum surgeries and other minor surgeries. Aesthetic rehabilitation includes smile designing, aligning teeth, whitening of discoloured teeth, closure of spacing, gingival augmentation, restoration of fractured teeth due to trauma. 

Secondly, Smile designing is a procedure to improve the appearance of teeth and to enhance the smile. In addition the factors are for example, shape, colour, size, proportion of teeth and their relation with gums.

Biocompatible PEEK framework

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  1. Royal Dental Clinics, “For us, excellence is our constant pursuit. Patients want immediate results & are no longer ready to hold back for days to restore their smile.

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