Smile and Teeth fixing in one day is now possible

Your smile and your pearly white teeth are a huge reflection of your personality, most especially disfigured, damaged or chipped teeth which can all be easily fixed in one day itself! Yes, you read it right – teeth fixing is all possible in one day with this transformational procedure called ‘Teeth in One Day’ which can restore your smile to its former glory, boost your self confidence and contribute a great deal towards your overall health.

So, kick back and read on to know more about this procedure and if you are a tentative candidate for it!

What is ‘Teeth in One Day?’

This is a fairly new dental implant procedure which allows your dentist to remove the damaged tooth and place a new, natural looking tooth back in its place almost immediately. In this procedure, they basically place new the new tooth over your implants, after which you are ready to hit the road. Some of the signs that you as a prospective patient need to look out for are,

  1. The damaged teeth are in the direct line of sight or in the smile line, making it an uneasy task for you to smile or even talk if your teeth show.
  2. You are done wearing temporary dentures and want a more long lasting solution which is durable and comfortable.
  3. When almost all your natural teeth are being replaced with implants, then it is probably for the best that you consider undergoing this treatment for better results.

Is ‘Teeth in One Day’ for you?

If you suffer from any of the above mentioned, then I urge you all to understand the importance of this self confidence building booster as well. But you need not worry too much also, since we also bring to you some awesome tips on what to do and what not to do! Just follow these tips and suggestions which will give you a fair idea as what you may be getting into!

1. Do your research

When considering getting teeth in one day procedure, it is for the best that you do your research at home and just double check to make sure that you are indeed an eligible candidate for also helps to know before hand what you would be getting into before your dentist explains the procedure as well.

2. Keep asking questions along the way

The best way to drive away your fears and doubts is to keep asking questions along the way. Don’t hesitate at all since the dentist and his staff are all there to answers to your questions and help you through the procedure and treatment. So, ask away!

3. Try to schedule your dental check ups as often as possible

The most important part of your treatment actually comes after it. I am referring to your check ups post treatment where your dentist checks your teeth, ensures everything is proceeding in the right direction and just make sure that the overall result is positive. So be sure to schedule at least one visit per month and try not to miss out on any.

4. Maintain the oral hygiene of your new teeth

This is of utmost importance – maintaining the oral hygiene of your teeth and general physical health. Since this is in your hands, you must remember to take all necessary precautions because even a hint of infection can have very negative effects on your health.

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