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Tongue Tie Surgery Cost In India

tongue tie in adult

Tongue-tie, medically known as ankyloglossia, is a condition where the frenulum, a small piece of tissue under your tongue connecting it to the mouth floor, is unusually tight or short. This limited tongue movement can affect breastfeeding, speech development, and even some dental procedures.

Fortunately, a minor surgical procedure called a frenectomy can address this issue. But how much does tongue-tie surgery cost in India? This article explores the factors influencing the cost and offers tips for navigating the process.

What is a Tongue Tie?

A lingual frenulum, the thin layer of skin right below the tongue, that is an excessively short causes tongue tie, also known as Ankyloglossia. This may limit the tongue’s natural range of motion. Tongue ties can have a variety of origins; some are genetic, while others might emerge on their own as a fetus. A tight lingual frenulum may limit the tongue’s range of motion.

symptoms tongue cancer
Symptoms tongue tie

It is essential to identify and treat tongue ties in order to preserve the best possible oral health. The lingual frenulum is essential for speaking, eating, and maintaining good mouth hygiene, among other oral activities. Untreated tongue knots in babies can make it difficult for them to breastfeed, which can have an impact on both the mother and the child.

Untreated tongue ties can affect a child’s speech development as they grow, possibly resulting in speech impairments. Additionally, tongue knots may make dental hygiene issues worse. The restricted tongue mobility may make it more difficult to clean the teeth and gums, which raises the possibility of dental problems like cavities and gum disease. To stop these issues and encourage lifelong good dental health, early detection and treatment are crucial.

Tongue Tie Surgery: Things To Know About

Tongue-tie surgery, also known as a frenectomy, is a minor surgical procedure that releases a tight or short frenulum, the small piece of tissue that connects the underside of your tongue to the floor of your mouth.

Necessity of Surgery for Adults

Accurate identification necessitates a comprehensive clinical evaluation by a medical practitioner, ideally a dentist or an ENT expert. They will measure how the tongue moves, look for the lingual frenulum, and ask if there are any accompanying symptoms. In certain cases, further diagnostic techniques like imaging investigations or renography may be utilized to get a comprehensive understanding.

Types of Procedures Available

  1. Frenotomy: A common surgical procedure for treating tongue tie is known as a frenotomy. It is necessary to cut the lingual frenulum accurately in order to remove the restriction. This simple, quick procedure that minimizes bleeding and expedites healing usually makes use of laser technology. Although adults can have frenotomies, infants and early toddlers are the ideal candidates.
  2. Frenuloplasty: This procedure could be suggested if the tongue tie is more complicated or involves a thicker frenulum. This involves suturing the wound and removing a part of the frenulum; it is a more involved surgery than a frenotomy. More range of motion is possible with frenuloplasty, which is frequently used when a more substantial correction is required, particularly in adults.
  3. Myofunctional Therapy: Although myofunctional treatment is not a surgical method, it is often recommended in conjunction with or instead of surgery. The goal of this therapy’s exercises and techniques is to improve tongue function and mobility. To optimize outcomes and address underlying muscle issues, it may be advised either before or after surgery.

Factors Influencing Tongue-Tie Surgery Cost in India

The final cost of tongue tie surgery is influenced by several factors, each of which influences the other. These are important concepts for everyone interested in this method to understand. Here’s an explanation:

Complexity of the Case

The intensity and particular difficulties that every patient presents are what define a tongue-tied case’s difficulty. Complex situations may require specialized surgical procedures, a higher level of skill, and more time, all of which increase overall costs. Dr. Chamria conducts thorough assessments to determine the complexity of each case, and she openly shares anticipated costs based on the requirements of each patient.

tongue ties in children
tongue ties in children

Geographic Location

The cost of healthcare services may vary significantly depending on the country or region in which the treatment is carried out. The total cost of tongue tie surgery might be affected by the greater living and operating expenses found in developed nations and urban areas. Regardless of the location, Royal Dental Clinics aims to provide fair and honest pricing by accounting for these geographical differences.

Pre-Surgery Assessments and Consultations

Before tongue-tie surgery, a thorough examination and consultation are performed to assess the patient’s condition and determine the best course of action. Pre-surgery procedures add to the overall cost because they require resources, diagnostic testing, and professional time. In order to promote openness and trust, Dr. Chamria gives priority to these evaluations and makes sure that patients are aware of their condition and the accompanying expenses.

Tongue Tie Surgery Cost In India

It’s important for anyone thinking about tongue-tie surgery to know the costs associated with the treatment. To provide you with a thorough understanding, let’s examine the expenses related to tongue-tie surgery and offer a preliminary estimate.

Cost Variations: A Range to Consider

The cost of tongue-tie surgery in India can vary significantly, typically falling between ₹5,000 and ₹60,000. Here’s a breakdown to understand the range:

  • Starting price: ₹21,000 (This is an estimate and can be lower in some cases)
  • Average cost: Major cities like Delhi and Mumbai might have slightly higher averages:
    • Delhi: ₹34,650
    • Mumbai: ₹36,300
  • Maximum price: Similar to the average cost in major cities:
    • Delhi: ₹52,500
    • Mumbai: ₹55,000

Tongue Tie vs Normal Adults

Understanding Normal Tongue Functionality

The tongue can move and bend in many different ways without a tongue tie. Clear speech, healthy swallowing, and effective chewing all depend on the tongue’s normal function. A functional tongue helps with maintaining proper oral hygiene, which includes cleaning the mouth and teeth.

How Tongue Tie Affects Adults Differently

A tongue knot may restrict the tongue’s range of motion, affecting different facets of daily living. Pronunciation, articulation, and general communication can all be challenging for adults with tongue knots. This could impair swallowing and chewing, causing problems with digestion and nutrition. Tooth ties can lead to misalignment of teeth and a higher chance of cavities, among other dental issues.

Role of Dr. Chirag Chamria in Tongue Tie Surgeries

Renowned oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Chamria is an expert in performing precise surgeries on tongue tie-in patients of all age groups. His broad knowledge base and commitment to patient care have earned him respect as a trustworthy industry expert.

trusted dental surgeon dr chirag, Tongue Tie Surgery
Comfortable dentist

Dr. Chamria is well renowned for his patient-centered approach, which ensures that each individual receives therapy tailored to their specific needs. Dr. Chamria places a high value on candid communication and patient comfort at every stage of the surgical process, from doing complete examinations to going over available treatments and post-operative care.

Using cutting-edge technologies, such as laser-assisted procedures, he performs accurate and minimally invasive surgery to release tongue-tied patients. This helps the patients recuperate more quickly from the operations and also makes them more effective.


After reviewing the pros and cons of tongue tie surgery, we now know how important it is to know how much the treatment will cost, how skilled Dr. Chirag Chamria is, and what factors affect the decision-making process. Don’t give up if you’re considering taking this potentially life-changing journey; success is attainable, and you will receive individualized attention. In order to provide a thorough and relaxing experience, Dr. Chirag Chamria places a strong emphasis on openness, patient-centric methods, and creative approaches. Recall that information, encouragement, and a dedication to your well-being pave the way to being freed from the confines of tongue bind.

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