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Safe Cosmetic Procedure: Tooth Contouring

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Tooth contouring is a cosmetic painless dental procedure which involves re-shaping of enamel for aesthetic purpose. It includes correction of rough irregular edges or surfaces of teeth. Minimal harm done to the tooth structure as only minimal amount of enamel grinding takes place. Tooth contouring is safe as it conserves natural teeth with minimal or no enamel loss.

Minor overlapping teeth correction also done with the help of tooth contouring which does not lead to accumulation of plaque and tartar thus lowering the risk of tooths decay and gum diseases. Minor tooth reshaping is much acceptable than prolonged orthodontic treatments. It can done in single sitting within short time thus avoiding patients frequent dental visits. Considering all the above mentioned points tooth contouring or reshaping is a safe procedure. 

Cosmetic Tooth Contouring

However accidentally a large amount of enamel removal can cause thinning of teeth which may lead to tooth fracture. A large amount of enamel loss can lead to the closure of the dentin giving rise to the sensitivity of teeth to heat or cold. If the teeth are too thin procedure could get too close to the pulp leading to root canal treatment of that tooth. Moreover, tooth contouring has to be done at the right place of teeth structure to get the best results. If accurately done tooth contouring can lead to bite balance and comfort. 

Does cosmetic contouring hurt?

During a cosmetic contouring procedure, your dentist will use a drill or burr or polisher, to gently contour the tooth into the desired shape. Tooth enamel does not contain nerves so there is no pain unless you have extreme sensitivity.

Is the procedure quick?

The dentist removes so little of the enamel during the cosmetic contouring procedure that it typically takes only a few minutes on the chair side. There’s no recovery time or discomfort post-treatment.

Is it Painful

In most cases, no anaesthesia or numbing agents are given. There can be minor sensitivity for a period of 4 to 6 weeks after the treatment procedure in extreme cases.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure does not take more than two to three minutes and it is painless and harmless to the tooth structure. However, precautions must be taken to avoid any infection of tooth structure in the process.

How are the results obtained?

The post-treatment appearance is restored and you can say goodbye to any traces of dark stains. Therefore, cosmetic contouring is a must for people who want to brighten their teeth and smile or even restore their smiles.

Safe Cosmetic Procedure: Tooth Contouring

A bright beaming natural smile indicates happiness, the emotion most of us feel on our wedding day. If you are hiding your smile behind tightly pursed lips or you feel less self-assured and confident; it can have a negative impact on the audience and album. One thing is for sure and that is everyone will notice your confidence and natural smile. Hence tooth contouring’s is safe when done with precision for minor teeth corrections. For more information on results check this patient testimonial for bride-to-be: 

Every detail about your smile is an opportunity to highlight something gorgeous about your personality. Hence, at Royal Dental Clinics, every patient is taken care with personalised services!

The reason why most people get cosmetic dental treatments done is because they want to feel better about themselves. A perfect smile enhances an individual’s confidence involving both in-person and social media interactions.

Due to the on-going pandemic & most of us working from home, dental experts believe that this is the perfect time for a Smile Makeover. As venturing out of the house & attending social events are at a minimal, this time can be best utilised to get acquainted with your new transformed Smile. Nearly any dental problem you can imagine can addressed in one way or another through modern cosmetic dentistry. 

As per Dr Chirag Chamria, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon at Royal Dental Clinics, “For us, excellence is our constant pursuit. Patients want immediate results & are no longer ready to hold back for days to restore their smile. We strive for nothing less than the mastery of this medium in which we have chosen to craft.”

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