The extracted teeth needs to be replaced immediately and if you have an already missing tooth then it is of utmost importance that a consultation with a doctor is fixed to understant the importance and need of replacing a missing tooth. One should replace the missing tooth or teeth , as the opposing tooth would migrate to the space created causing supra-eruption. Also the adjacent teeth will show inclination towards the missing tooth region causing pathological migration.

Pathological migration would lead to mobility, spacing, food lodgments, gum inflammation and bone loss. The shift of healthy teeth towards the  vacant space would cause severe malocclusion. The chewing efficacy would be hampered causing digestion problems further prolonging the replacement  causes imbalanced occlusion creating a load on the Temporo-mandibular joint . Once Temporo- mandibular joint is affected it causes pain radiating to the lower jaws and ear. Headache is a very common symptom experienced.

Seeing to the overall adverse effects of one or more extracted tooth or teeth , one is highly recommended to that particular tooth or teeth with Implants, fixed prosthesis commonly known as bridge work or removable prosthesis for a healthy confident lifestyle.

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