What should a patient inform before starting a dental treatment?

Before starting a dental treatment, the dentist records a detailed information of the patient which includes personal as well as medical history.

Personal history involves name , age , sex ,address, contact no ,email id , occupation , family physician ‘s details of the patient. Patient should inform in detail the purpose of his dental visit explaining his chief complaint.

When the dentist takes the patients information, it is mandatory to the patient to give detailed particulars of his past medical and dental history.

Medical history includes the systemic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disorders, bleeding disorders, asthma ,cardiac history from which the patient is suffering, the medications going on and the dosage of the medications. Patient should also inform whether he or she is allergic to any medication or allergen such as dust, sulpha drugs, penicillin etc.

Past dental history of allergy to local anaesthesia must also be informed if present.

Their dentists should also have a knowledge of their habits like smoking , chewing tobacco , betel nuts, pan eating for planning of proper dental procedure. 

Any history of hospitalization or history of surgeries before 6 months should also be noted. 

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Patient should also inform their doctor about pregnancy prior to their treatment to follow proper precautionary measures.

Any prophylactic antibiotics taken specially for the chief complaint must also be informed.

A detailed past dental history has to be provided for accurate treatment planning and prognosis.

Some medical histories specially cardiac problems like history of cardiac arrest, stroke, angina, anxiety attacks encountered before or any previous non satisfactory treatment undergone with another fellow professional should also be informed.

Specifically in children, it is necessary for the dentist to have an idea about their past dental experience since it may affect mood and behaviour of child while carrying out the dental procedure. Hence for a successful and productive treatment it is very much necessary for the patient to inform their dentist all the above particulars in detail.

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