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What is Oral Prophylaxis?

Oral prophylaxis is a process of cleansing your teeth making it free of the stains, plaque and tartar/ calculus formation. During oral prophylaxis, the dentists uses non-invasive dental equipment such as ultrasonic scalers that used to remove the plaque and calculus. The dentist then polishes the tooth surfaces for a smooth finish with the help of glycerine and hydrogen peroxide. Oral prophylaxis or scaling done to detect dental problems which unnoticed at an early stage. The dentist while performing scaling comes across minor cavities, pits, gum diseases or any oral dental lesion. This helps the dentist to diagnose these problems at an early stage. 

In today’s time when hygiene is a first line priority oral hygiene is a key to healthier life style and strong immunity. Do not compromise on your health nor on your oral hygiene

Clean Tooth also leads to fresh breadth with pink and healthy gums which lifts the freshness of mouth and a person. Tobacco habit causes inflammation of gums and increased halitosis which ends up with the formation of pockets in the gums, food lodgement and bleeding gums. Oral prophylaxis  along with the polishing of the teeth giving a vibrant lustre to the teeth along with the advice of proper brushing technique and gum ointment for reducing inflammation and inducing a healing process.

How often should one get Oral Prophylaxis done?

 Once every 6-9 months.

✔️ Or every 3-4 months as advised by your dentist!

 In most cases, every 1-2 years should do.

Dental scaling is a routine dental procedure done by the dentist in which the patient’s mouth is cleaned with a wide toothbrushing suction, then a thin forceps like rod with a loop at the end is used to pull the sharp corner of the teeth that gives the dentist the scope to remove plaque from deep within the crevices. Royal Dental Clinics, Mumbai, has separate waiting rooms, resting areas, consulting rooms and treatment rooms for every patient. Utmost care and comfort is provided to patients and relatives by every staff keeping in mind the safety parameters during this pandemic.

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