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Royal Dental Clinics is a pioneer in immediate loading implants for over 2 decades now. Royal Dental Clinics has been congratulated for expertise at World Congress on Oral Implantology for One Day Dentistry immediate load implants at U.S.A. Know more about One Day Dentistry.

Royal Dental Clinics was founded in Mumbai, India; by a visionary Dr. Arun Chamria in 1983. Since then, Royal Dental has been serving and contributing to the field of dentistry. Royal Dental has been one of the pioneers in immediate loading implants, over 2 decades now. Royal Dental has been congratulated for expertise by the implant community at World Congress on Oral Implantology on how to re-treat failed immediate load implants at U.S.A. in 2004. In the said conference the technique of ‘Same day fixed teeth with dental implants’ was accepted and a consensus was established.

Previously the teeth were put after 3 to 6 months of implants insertion. In this newer technique, in most patients, the implant and fixed teeth can be put on the same day itself.

Serving patients for three generations now, Royal Dental Clinics provides international quality dental care for even the most complex cases. They are known for their comprehensive, corrective and preventative procedures which are performed in a relaxed and comfortable environment in which, most treatments are completed in ONE SITTING.

Dr. Arun Chamria, Chairman and Director, honed his skills by undergoing various training in advanced techniques relevant to his specialization from global stalwarts in dentistry. He learned surgical techniques in dental implants from celebrated Dental Surgeons from across the world. Dr. Arun Chamria also has the distinction of being way ahead of his time and being one of the first Indian dentists to be associated with Computer-Guided Implantology.

One Day Dentistry for Smile Makeover at Royal Implant

Along with Dr. Arun, Royal Dental Clinics is ably managed by, Dr. Chirag, he specializes in oncology, facial aesthetics, and zygomatic and dental implant rehabilitation. Dr. Chirag introduced various advanced technologies at Royal Dental Clinics. These are sourced from across the world, with the help of which Royal Dental has developed seamless process integration from planning to designing and execution of final results in one day.

One Day Dentistry

Royal Dental Clinics is Internationally recognised for our founder’s contribution to ‘Same Day Fixed Teeth’, ‘Immediate Loading of Implants’, ‘Advances in Dentistry’, particularly in the field of Implantology. One Day Dentistry with Royal Implant.

Constantly looking for new ways to innovate and improve on their offerings, the Team at Royal Dental Clinics involves themselves in more research and developmental work, which, in turn, enables them to innovate solutions in One Day Dentistry. Royal Dental Clinics established its in-house manufacturing unit in 1989 and an in- house Royal Dental Lab (RDL) in 2004. RDL makes crowns and bridges for a long-term dental prosthesis such as in-house CADCAM (Computer Aided Designing Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology and 3D printing.

A dream come true for all, the “Same Day Fixed Teeth” innovation by Royal Dental Clinics is best suited for today’s time-pressed patients and lifestyle, be it a bride to be or a business traveller on a tight schedule. This not only attracted patients from across the length and breadth of the county but also patients visiting Royal Dental Clinics from across the globe.

Royal Dental Clinics not only excels in Implants but through modern cosmetic dentistry, provides excellent cosmetic solutions thereby providing a ‘smile makeover’.

In the words of one of the patients, Mr. Patel from the United Kingdom says: “I got my Implant and HIPC teeth done at Royal Dental Clinics and I was surprised that it was done in just a matter of few hours, which is what I wanted due to lack of time. I got new teeth in just One Sitting and I was very well looked after by the doctors and the clinic staff. I would recommend Royal Dental Clinics to all my friends and family members for their excellent dental services”.


Dental Implants in Mumbai

Like Mr. Patel, there are thousands of other testimonies who have benefited from this industry’s first revolutionary “Same Day Fixed Teeth” offering. Royal Dental Clinics has a multidisciplinary team that involves a plethora of specialities such as endodontics, prosthodontics, and periodontics. While it offers same-day implants on bone, patients with virtually no jawbone or very little bone in their upper jaw can also undergo teeth implants.

In addition to smile makeovers, Royal Dental Clinics provides comfortable surgical correction with Cosmognathic technology. A combination of Sapteeth, Facial Cosmognathics, & Stem Cell Rejuvenation services for anti-ageing, facelift and smile designing are offered, using the latest technologies that include 3D scanning, CBCT, Virtual surgical planning, and 3D photography.

Taking Royal Dental Clinics services up a notch in serving its patients, it has been upgraded with the most advanced planning machines that will aid in rehabilitating, mouth cancer patients quickly and comfortably.


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