Imagiology in Dentistry | Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies in Dentistry: Best possible dental care only with visual examination is incomplete. Thanks to technological advances in dental X- rays like 3D X-rays, it helps to better examine and diagnose. The in house imaging services at Royal Dental counts on the collaboration with the most advanced technologies from imaging companies like Carestream, Vatech Imaging etc. This raises the quality and speed in the diagnosis and allows for accurate planning in a more rigorous and predictable way.

Radiological examination at Royal Dental for Dentistry:

  1. Full mouth 3D and 2D X-ray for diagnosis, planning and control. These are the full face and mouth X-rays with minimal radiation.
  2. Specialised imaging mode to visualise the joint of the jaw.  
  3. Especially to determine the growth in children, fist and jaw x-rays can be made. 
  4. Advanced imaging modalities to evaluate facial and dental growth discrepancies in 3D. 
  5. For the preparation of 3D models and surgical guides.
  6. Aid in tumour resection and reconstruction

Under special circumstances:

Pregnancy: As long as the benefits outweigh the risk, an X-ray can be performed with due care. 

Children: The dosage of radiation in these X-rays is quite small to cause harm in a single event.

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