Dental Implantation Crowns in India; Implants in one sitting

Your smile and your pearly white teeth are a huge reflection of your personality and nothing should mar this. Especially disfigured, damaged or chipped teeth which can all be fixed easily in one day itself! Yes, you read it right – fixing your teeth and smile is all possible in one day. With advances in dentistry, ‘Dental Implantation in One Sitting is now possible’.

Zygomatic Dental Implantation

Boost your self-confidence and contribute a great deal towards your overall health. So, kick back and read on to know more about this how to fix teeth In One Day. This is fairly a very researched dental procedure which allows dentists in Mumbai, to remove the damaged tooth and place a natural looking crown back in its place almost immediately. In this procedure, a new tooth over your implants or existing tooth is placed. After which you are ready to hit the road.

Benefits of Dental Implantation with Fixed Teeth in One Day

One of the primary reasons that helped dentists in Mumbai to perform this procedure was that after the age of 30, it becomes difficult to repair damaged or diseased teeth in your mouth without causing complications and discomfort. By using the methods of fixing teeth in one day, the chances of such problems are dramatically reduced and hence you would experience a lot of relief.

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How to Find the Right Dentist in Mumbai for Dental Implantation

When looking for a dental clinic that offers ‘Fix Teeth in One Day’ in your city, you will want to find a facility that has:

 Skilled dentist who have performed single sitting dental implants.

A clinic which values your time and can complete treatments in one day.

 Which uses latest, modern and reliable dental technology that’s precise.

Experience in creating custom-made dental crowns in various materials.

The dentists practicing cosmetic dentistry know exactly where patients will get the best value for your money; Your Smile.

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Dental Implants with Crowns in India; Implantation in one sitting.

Factors that determine Cost of Dental Implant in Mumbai?

The price of dental implants varies from city to city, depending on the location of the clinic and quality of the services provided.

The cost of the dental implant depends on the dentist’s service fee. A custom dental implant may be higher when compared with many implant brands in the market.

Dental treatment by itself and the complexity of the case plays an important role in determination of the cost of dental implant. In Europe or USA, these costs start itself from 1500 USD for a basal implant. This is one of the reasons why India has recently become a major tourist hub of Dental Care Solutions.

Have you been recommended to get Zygomatic Dental Implants? Here’s all you must know.

Dental insurance cost in India is negligible compared to what is charged in comparison to western countries like the USA, UK. That’s why they come over India where the cost of the treatment is almost one-third of that in the US with no dental insurance cost.

More than dental implants it is the dental crown which play an important role in dental implants. Traditionally, the lower costing metal, ceramics, and zirconia’s are used to restore the missing tooth, but in cases where the patients opt for more bio-friendly and Shock Absorbable materials, then SAPTeeth™ are recommended.

Royal Dental Clinics believes in “One Day of Patience, many years of peace”.

Whether you need to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or all your teeth, or whether you are wearing unsightly partials or painful dentures, you will get your smile back with Dental Implantation at Royal Dental Clinics.

Dental Implantation or Same Day Implants are a unique treatment option as Dental Implants with Fixed Teeth are done on the very same day as your appointment in the clinic. In most cases Dental Implants derive support from the basal bone area which remains free from all infections. This method doesn’t require grafting and is one of the perfect solutions for patients even with low bone density or low volume in their jaw. It even enables people with poor bone density also to undergo dental implants treatment and get their smiles back instantly.

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Dentists across the globe have reported high success rates with same day implants. In fact, according to a National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery case report, there are several advantages to using the Same Day Dental Implantation method rather than the traditional method.

What makes Dental Implantation in One Sitting Possible?

Simply put, it’s a marriage of Technology and Expertise that make this possible at Royal Dental Clinics. With state of art technology and equipment’s from across the globe, and Indent laboratory; all contribute to this miraculous feat of Implants in One Sitting. So right from the moment you walk in, till the time you have that beautiful smile of yours restored; a synchronized effort comes to play.

You Read it Right! – Dental Implants In Just One Sitting at Royal Dental Clinics

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