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Cosmetic Dentistry Before After: In a world where beauty has been appreciated on a personified level, we here at Royal Dental Clinics help you achieve a wonderful and charming smile with our dentistry art of smile designing. A smile is the most prominent feature of one’s face and when it’s a pretty face with an vibrant smile it’s quite alluring. A beautiful and balanced smile helps is boosting up a person’s confidence and it is found that these individuals have a higher personal and profession success.

Cosmetic Dentistry Before After

A young female with crowding and proclined teeth approached us to redefined her smile. A smile is a most contagious thing, one can never avoid a smiling face, and with such a remarkable smile designing, as our result the dear patient had no reason left to not show it off to the world. Proclined or forward placed teeth is when the upper or lower teeth protrude outwards. Common treatment options would include braces, cosmetic correction etc. 

“Brushing your teeth twice a day is one of the most prominent solutions to reduce the risk of developing not just tooth decay, but also gum disease”. 

Dr. Chirag Chamria, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

For the treatment of proclined anterior teeth it may be needed to reduce the tooth material and then placing a crown over the reduced tooth. Various metal free high performance polymers such as SAPT.HIPC, SAPT.resin etc. are used as crowns for teeth restoration. Such cosmetic treatments can be finished within few hours and may require only a follow up.

This patient got a restoration of her smile as well as got a new set of equal sized teeth and also an rehabilitation of her bite leading to balanced occlusion. Pinker gums done by gum therapy performed by experiencied professional enhances in the beautification of our smile designing. Crooked or misaligned teeth is common complaint in the younger age group. This may be due to inadequate prevention at an early age and multiple cavities in primary teeth.

If your teeth are crooked, you may undergo the treatment with braces, which may take about 1-2 years for correction. Even in such cases the color and the shape of the tooth cannot be changed only the position can be altered. There is a good chance multiple teeth may have to be removed to create space. We help to save your natural teeth and provide crowns over the existing teeth. The natural teeth are usually shaved or contoured so that a cap can be placed on it.

Hear what Dr Chirag has to say for Cosmetic Dentistry Options;

How to Change an Ageing Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Watch for unnatural wear, it ages the smile.

Avoid bone and gum loss. Spaces between the teeth can give an older look to the smile.

Follow proper oral hygiene and request frequent periodontal evaluate from your dentists.

Replace fillings when necessary. Don’t let your crowns or bridges age you.

Replace any missing teeth as soon as possible, Missing teeth can cause bit to collapse and tissues to sag.

Correct your bad bite. As you age, the bad bite tends to become more pronounced. It’s never too late to have corrected.

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