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What questions to ask your Dentist?

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Thriving as one of the Best Dentists in Mumbai; Dr. Chirag Chamria is proud to provide great dental care experience towards his patients. Being rated as the best dentist in Mumbai amongst his cult of patients, Dr. Chirag Chamria understands the patients perspective when it comes to Oral and Dental Healthcare. He firmly believes that the moment a patient is made to feel into a cocoon like comfortable environment, the battle is half won.

While searching for a ‘Dentist near me’, a patient must also understand the safety measures followed and the treatment options available. The best of dentists in Mumbai want their patients to feel an experience. But when they walk into the consultation door at Royal Dental Clinics, they should want to change their smile.

Dental practice in Mumbai

One of the best dental practice is to provide your patients with a custom-made Dental plan with the treatment options available. Here are few things you should be asking your dentist as per the best dentist in Mumbai. Like Dr. Chirag Chamria mentions, “It is not important to just give patients results but also understand their personality and make sure the smile makeover suits their personality.”

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Dentist in Mumbai

At what stage is my dental health?

This important question is skipped by many patients and they wait for their dentist to suggest a treatment plan which is more rehabilitative. One must be aware of the ROOT cause to the dental problems of patient as suggested by the best dentist in Mumbai. Being the most wanted ‘dentist near me’ there would be an evaluation of your oral health, along with a survey of your overall health. Following this a permanent treatment plan is chalked out by Best Dentist in Mumbai.

How to floss correctly?

Flossing covers more than 48% of your teeth which even the regular brushing isn’t able to. The chances that your dentist in Mumbai will be showing you an actual demonstration of how to floss your teeth is very high. And it would be a good idea to learn the tricks of trade from an expert. Get insights on flossing products and toothpaste from Best Dentist in Mumbai, while they also help out with the right technique of brushing.

What kind of toothbrush should I use?

Every mouth is as unique as the person himself. A toothbrush that might suit a friend might not suit you. It is hence best practice to ask your Best Dentist in Mumbai about which toothbrush and content of toothpaste might be best suitable based on your oral hygiene condition. As there are a plethora of options available, let the dentist in Mumbai suggest the best options along with its pros and cons. 

Should mouthwash be used?

Most of the mouthwashes come with their own pros and cons. After an examination of your oral health, your best dentist in Mumbai would recommend if mouthwash is advisable for you or not. There are certain mouthwashes that may contain alcohol and may irritate the tooth of certain individuals. Individuals with sensitive gums and teeth are advised to use alcohol-free mouthwashes that contain fluoride which gives protection to the enamel. 

Any dietary changes for my oral health?

There might be certain temporary dietary changes based on the treatment availed from your choice of Best Dentist in Mumbai.  Also certain foods like fluoride and fibre containing recommended to aid in quick healing of your teeth. There might be some food products that might have to be avoided to maintain good oral health and hygiene. 

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Smiling african female dentist showing young man patient teeth xray, using digital tablet

Some foods suggested for good oral health:

  • Fruits and Vegetable that are rich in fiber. These foods not only help to keep gums and teeth clean but are also good for overall oral hygiene. 
  • Milk, cheese, yoghurt and other such sources are also good for oral health as they are rich in calcium. 
  • Tea such as Green and black as they do not contain sugar. 
  • Chewing gum with no sugar or sugarless chewing gum. 
  • Foods which are rich in fluoride content such as avocado, radish, lettuce etc. 


Going to dentist near me is an important way to maintain your overall health not just your oral health. As neglecting your oral health can have a ripple effect on your general health as well. Hence it is vital as per Best Dentist in Mumbai – Dr. Chirag Chamria to visit Dentist in Mumbai at least twice a year. 

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