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What is a cosmetic filling for dentistry?

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A cosmetic dental filling is a type of restorative dental procedure performed to improve the appearance of your teeth. Because they are not a necessary procedure and involve some risk, cosmetic fillings are not recommended for everyone. However, there are many people who may benefit from this procedure and its benefits. There are some common cosmetic dentistry solutions that might lead you to explore cosmetic dental fillings as an option. For example, if you have stained or broken teeth, you may want to restore them back to their original look.

On the other hand, if your gums recede from one or more of your teeth and expose the root underneath, these circumstances can be corrected with cosmetic dental fillings. A cosmetic dentistry specialist will be able to advise you on whether a cosmetic filling is right for you based on your individual case and circumstances. Here’s what you should know about this type of dental treatment before making a final decision.

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What are the types of Cosmetic Fillings?

Silver amalgam is the conventional material that has been in used for years for filling. Silver amalgam is composed of several metals like mercury, tin and copper. With the combination of these materials the normal function of the tooth is well maintained. Not much in use now a days.

Dental amalgam fillings may release small amounts of mercury in the form of a vapour (gas). When a new amalgam filling or an old filling, patients may experience a temporary increase in exposure to mercury vapour. While there are no known health risks associated with ingestion of small particles of amalgam, mercury vapours harmful in certain patients.

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Fluoride fillings are done in deeper cavities & being adhesive in nature, helps to stick on the teeth. They are white in colour.

Pros: They can be colored to blend in with your nearby teeth. They also can be designed to release small amounts of fluoride, which helps prevent decay.

Cons: These fillings can break, so they’re not a good choice for surfaces that do a lot of chewing. Your dentist may instead suggest that you use it for a cavity near your gum line or to fill between teeth.

dental filling cavity

Dental crown: you need a crown, inlay, or veneer, the go-to material is typically porcelain, ceramic, or another glass-like substance. This filling is mainly offered to patients who are quite concern about their looks and want to have fillings that can amalgamate with the natural color of their tooth.

Pros: The color closely matches your teeth. These materials hold up for a long time and are very hard.

Cons: You’ll need several visits to your dentist to get a tooth restored with porcelain, and it can cost more than other options.

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Why do people do Cosmetic Dental Filling?

People have cosmetic dental fillings for a variety of reasons. Aesthetic considerations often come into play when it comes to selecting a cosmetic dental filling.

Stained or Broken Teeth – Stained teeth or broken teeth can make you feel self-conscious and less confident in your smile. It can also lead to avoiding certain situations and gatherings where you don’t feel comfortable. Having a cosmetic dental filling can greatly improve your smile and help you feel better about yourself.

Gum Disease – While gum disease is 100% preventable, it is still one of the most common dental health problems. Having a cosmetic dental filling can help you avoid gum disease and its long-term complications.

Who Needs a Cosmetic Dental Filling?

While all people should regularly floss and brush their teeth for good dental health, not everyone practices good oral hygiene. This can cause your teeth to become stained and broken over time. Some people may also have underlying medical issues that put them at a higher risk for gum disease.

If you have stained or broken teeth, then you may want to explore the possibility of having a cosmetic dental filling.

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If your gums recede from one or more of your teeth and expose the root underneath, you may benefit from having a cosmetic dental filling. Dental fillings are used to restore teeth that have been decayed or damaged. This can be caused by plaque, which is a film of bacteria that can build up and harden on your teeth.

Bacteria in your mouth can cause cavities and other harmful effects if not treated. A cosmetic dental filling can help you recover from these issues and improve your smile.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Cosmetic Fillings

While cosmetic dental fillings can greatly improve the aesthetics of your smile, this process may come at a cost. There are a few potential disadvantages associated with cosmetic dental fillings.

They include: – They May Not Be as Strong as Natural Teeth – While dental fillings are strong and durable, they are not as strong as natural teeth. While most people with dental fillings have healthy and functional teeth, there are some cases where the filling has failed, resulting in a more serious issue.

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They May Be Expensive – While dental fillings are not overly expensive, they are more expensive than preventative dental care like flossing and brushing your teeth. Having dental fillings done can increase your dental costs, especially if they are not covered by your dental insurance.

How Much Does a Cosmetic Dental Filling Cost?

This depends on the type of cosmetic dental filling that you choose for your treatment. Individual dental implants are usually the most expensive option since there are two different procedures involved. Pink ceramic fillings are the least expensive option as they are a temporary fix. Having a cosmetic dental filling will increase your dental costs, but this may be worth it if it helps you feel more confident about your smile.

Since cosmetic dental fillings are not a necessary procedure and involve some risk, you should consider how beneficial they would be for you. While they can greatly improve your smile, you should also consider the disadvantages of having a cosmetic dental filling. If you have stained or broken teeth, then a cosmetic dental filling may be right for you.

Final Words

Cosmetic fillings can greatly improve the aesthetics of your smile. This procedure is recommended for people with stained or broken teeth, or whose gums recede from their teeth. There are three main types of cosmetic dental fillings, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Most people with cosmetic dental fillings have pink ceramic fillings which are the least expensive option. Cosmetic fillings can be expensive, but it may be worth it if it helps you feel more confident about your smile.

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