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Shock Absorbable Permanent Teeth in One Day

SAPTeeth dental crown

Dental prosthesis or dental bridge is placed inside the mouth over natural teeth or a dental implant. It is used to restore defects such as missing teeth, or missing parts of teeth, crooked teeth etc. One of the most advanced materials for these artificial teeth called SAPTeethTM. Shock Absorbable permanent Teeth (SAPTeeth) are a group of highly advanced polymers which are specially made to protect the bone, implant and the natural tooth.  

Based on research it can be understood that ceramic teeth, porcelain teeth, metal teeth, titanium teeth and many more exert stresses on the bone that are about 24 to 149 times more than SAPTeethTM. This difference is due to the shock absorbing capability of these polymers. Therefore, in patients with weak bone or low calcium, SAPTeethTM recommended over conventional prosthesis.   

Get SAPTeeth advanced polymers in just one day.

Why choose over SAPTeethTM over other options?  

  1. In case of breakage due to any reason including trauma, the repair quite easy performed in the mouth itself. In cases of repeated breakages only 10mm of either side of the breakage remade. This ensures that the original strength regained.  
  1. In case of habits like pan, supari or heavy bite or bruxism, the eating surface gets worn off, re-layering done at only a fraction of the price and in very little time. 
  1. Shock Absorbable Permanent Teeth look and feel natural and apply 24 to 149 times less stress than conventional prosthesis. 
  1. SAPTeethTM are easy to repair and completed on the same day of the implant treatment.  
  1. Shock Absorbable Permanent Teeth are long lasting with high impact shock absorption.  
Cosmetic conturing and crowning with SAPTeeth polymers for teeth breaking concern.

Characteristics of Shock Absorbable Permanent Teeth:   

  • SMART: Processed by complete digital workflow with accuracy to a fraction of a millimetre.  
  • CLEAR: A transparent variety of 3D-printed which can aids in diagnosis and treatment planning.  
  • BOND: Tooth & implant bonded with each other to provide greater retention and load distribution.  
  • UNIVERSAL: Shock Absorbable Permanent Teeth wear-tear time ranging from 6 months to 18 years.
  • DEFINITIVE: An elegant solution for framework material and permanent restoration with SAPTeethTM

All in one Solution for All SAPTeethTM!

For a young patient cosmetic treatment, long lasting plaque resistant material is a boon whereas for a middle-aged generation a cosmetic and functionally working prosthesis. Whereas for an elderly functional accurate and cosmetically acceptable solution with weak bone structure. SAPTeethTM provides a solution for all of these age groups! They developed for high level colour retention, plaque resistance and extremely well suited for long term dental prosthesis.

Benefits of Shock Absorbable Permanent Teeth:

Removable or fixed prosthesis

✔️ Single or multilayer teeth 

Gingival compatibility 

✔️ Resistance to plaque and discoloration 

Ceramic ages whereas SAPTeethTM do not age and therefore remain stable. 

✔️ Fewer complaints when compared with convention prosthesis and the repairs are also simple.  

In this video Dr. Chirag Chamria discusses the advantages of SAPTeeth artificial teeth over traditional materials.

SAPTeeth Artificial Teeth

Preparatory work represents the beginning of the fabrication process in the laboratory. The working model is the basis of this prosthetic restoration. Based on the preference of the dentist, alginate or silicone putty impression made also a wax wafer bite required. The cast fabricated and then the bite fixed over it.

Also, cases where planning required, a 3D model print and sent for further evaluation to the doctor. The master model or working model scanned into the software using 3D scanning and then the function selected in the designing software. The designing team then plans the prosthesis and the framework.  


Once the CAD design ready an accurate machining strategy made for the milling. Use of highly advanced CNC machines ensures that the quality is standard and predictable. Using SAPT.BioPEEK or SAPT.Resin the framework manufactured and then sent for postprocessing. Once the framework checked by the dentist, re-impressions made, final prosthetic manufacturing done.   Using SAPT.MC or SAPT.HIPC the final prosthesis manufactured. The color and the shade are specified by the dentist.  

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  1. Shock Absorbable permanent Teeth (SAPTeeth) are a group of highly advanced polymers which are specially made to protect the bone, implant and the natural tooth. In one day Treatment in royal dental clinic. Staffs and doctors are very nice.

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