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How painful is a front tooth treatment?

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It is common knowledge that a front tooth will reveal more about your personality than any other feature. The first thing that people see when you speak to them or smile at them; it also helps you project your personality. Thankfully, there are various ways through which you can get back that perfect smile and rediscover your confidence. Front tooth treatment is one such way. If you have missing or broken front teeth, you would want to get them fixed as soon as possible because of the importance of your smile. It does involve some pain but the good news is – it’s not as expensive as you might think it would be.

What is involved in a front tooth treatment?

When you choose to get a dental crown for your front tooth, the process for this type of procedure is as follows: Firstly, the dentist will remove the decayed portion of your teeth and the infected gums. After that, cement will be applied to the prepared area to harden it, and then the artificial crown is fixed over it.

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Next, an impression will be made of your teeth using a putty-like material that is either placed in your mouth or on your teeth. This mold is sent to a laboratory where a custom-made crown is created. The crown is then returned to the dentist’s office and fitted over your front tooth. Finally, you will have to visit the dentist again after a get your crown adjusted.

What are the reasons for front tooth loss?

There are various reasons why you might lose a tooth. Tooth decay, gum disease, and an accident or injury will all be possible reasons for tooth loss. Ageing can also be a reason for missing teeth. So if you are losing your teeth, you might feel like you have lost your confidence along with them. But you don’t have to worry. There are a number of options available for restoring your smile, including dental implants, bridges, and crowns.

A dental bridge is a fixed bridge that is cemented on two adjacent teeth to hold a false tooth. A partial denture is a removable appliance that attaches to the remaining teeth. The appearance of your smile will be different with each of these options, so it is important to choose the option that best suits your needs and goals.

Why get an anterior tooth replacement?

There are several reasons why you might need to get a dental crown or a dental implant to replace a tooth. A dental crown is used to restore teeth that are broken, decayed, or have been worn down. It can also be used to attach a bridge to a single broken tooth. Dental implants are artificial teeth that are placed in the jawbone.

Types of dental implants for front teeth treatment

There are many types of dental implants for front tooth treatment. The most common one is the endosteal implant where the implant is placed inside the jawbone. In the subperiosteal implant, the implant is placed just below the gum line. The oral implant is an implant fixed in the mouth. The mini dental implant is used for smaller and thinner patients.

Dental implants are the most effective way to replace missing teeth as they are fixed permanently in the jawbone and are almost as strong as natural teeth. These implants can last a lifetime as long as you take good care of them.

How do dentists fix front teeth?

Crowns are usually used to restore front teeth that have been missing or removed due to decay or damage. Mostly, dental crowns are used along with dental implants. Together with single crowns, a bridge (multiple crowns) may also be used in dental implant restoration. Thanks to root canal or implant treatment! You can treat an infected or decaying or missing front tooth without having to extract it.

How long does a front tooth repair last?

Well it depends on the treatment! You can expect the bonding material to last anywhere from 3-10 years. A root canal can last upto 15 years. Dental implant with crown can last anywhere between 10-20 years.


When you lose a tooth in your mouth, it is not just the tooth that is lost. The surrounding tissue and bone also get lost, which can have a serious impact on your smile. However, the good news is that with the help of modern dental techniques, you can get a dental implant to replace your missing tooth and restore your confidence. A dental implant works just like a real tooth, only better! You can chew with it, eat whatever you want, and smile confidently with a new smile. With such dental treatment, you can get that perfect smile back that you always wanted.

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