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Fixed Teeth in Upper Jaw after Oral Cancer

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Mouth cancer, also known as oral cancer, is where a tumour develops in any part of the mouth. It may be on the surface of the tongue, the inside the cheeks, the roof of the mouth also called as palate, the lips or the gums. Risk factors include tobacco use, heavy alcohol use and human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. Treatment includes surgery and radiation therapy. In some cases, chemotherapy required. All these treatments lead to removal of teeth. But now, fixed teeth after mouth cancer is possible.

As per Dr. Chirag Chamria, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon at Royal Dental Clinics, “Symptoms include an ulcer that doesn’t heal, a lump or a white or red patch on the inside of the mouth”.

Avoid these if you have been detected with Cancer.

Missing Teeth after upper jaw Cancer

Missing teeth affects the esthetics and overall facial appearance of an individual. Therefore, If missing teeth in time, it can cause various problems such as pathological migration of teeth, supra-eruption, speech impairment, chewing ability, malocclusion, decreases the integrity of jaw bone.

This in turn will cause difficulty in maintaining oral hygiene. Speech and phonetics hampered if teeth are not in proper alignment. As you lose more teeth, one will be forced to chew from other areas. Causing overload on certain teeth with excessive wear and tear and tempo mandibular joint dysfunction. In addition, improper chewing leads to poor nutrition thereby affecting overall growth and health of the patient.


Missing teeth affects appearance and smile. Patient’s self-confidence goes down. Getting fixed teeth can improve quality of life.

Options for restoring Missing Teeth

Removable Dentures 

It is one of the oldest way of replacing missing teeth. Removable dentures are for partially edentulous. Patients who wants to have replacement of teeth for functional or aesthetic reasons. And who cannot have bridge for reasons such as lack of healthy adjacent teeth or for financial limitations. However, these removed and reinserted when required without dentist help. They are of two types: acrylic partial denture and cast partial denture. 

Complete dentures may be given when all teeth are missing within the jaw. They tissue supported. For thin or very less amount of bone complete dentures given over the implants for a proper fit.

Dentures for missing teeth

Dental Implants after Upper Jaw Cancer

Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth. It fuse to jaw bone by osteointegration which is a process of formation of healthy bone around implants. This helps to keep the implant firm in its place so that it can bear the occlusal force and helps in mastication. 

All-on-4 Dental Implants

The “all-on-four” treatment concept was developed to maximize the use of available remnant bone in atrophic jaws, allowing immediate function. Above all, avoiding regenerative procedures that increase the treatment costs and patient morbidity, as well as the complications inherent to these procedures. The protocol uses four implants in the anterior part of complete edentulous jaws to support a provisional, fixed and immediately loaded prosthesis. The two most anterior implants axially, whereas the two posterior implants distally and angled to minimize the cantilever length, and to allow the application of prostheses with up to 12 teeth, thereby enhancing mastication.

All-on-6 Dental Implants

ALL-on-6 dental implant procedure is the creation of a complete dental prosthesis, anchored to the jawbone (top) or mandible (bottom) by six titanium implants, integrated into the bone and evenly distributed along the jaw. An arch, topped with false gums and ceramic or porcelain dentures, completes the device by screwing onto the six implants embedded in the jaw. This treatment advantage of being able to be implanted on a low volume of jawbone and is intended for patients whose mouths are completely or partially edentulous in one or two jaws, or who have several missing teeth. It corrects a bite defect, restoring more harmonious proportions to the lower face.

Missing teeth to Fixed teeth in One Day!

ALL-on-6 procedure performed in two sessions about four months apart while the implants integrate perfectly into the bone and gums. During this time, a temporary prosthesis is attached to the implants. Above all ALL-on-6 solution avoids the more invasive bone grafting. In addition offers a faster recovery time and lower cost than other implant treatment techniques. In addition, sinus lift surgery not required. If the jawbone is too thin, too weak or degraded, a bone graft will be prescribed. Usually created with synthetic biocompatible material, it reinforces the bone on which the implant will be implemented.

Zygomatic implants after Upper Jaw Cancer

They are long, angled endosseous implants placed into the zygoma as an augmentation procedure in severely atrophic maxilla. Zygomatic Implants anchored into the zygomatic bone. They do not require bone graft and sinus lift procedures. This is less invasive procedure. They recommended in patients who had failed dental implants, failed bone grafting operations and extreme jaw bone loss. 

Zygomatic Implant


The Pterygoid implants are “pterygo-maxillary implants” and “tuberosity implants.” Pterygoid implants allow patients with severe upper jawbone loss. Placement of pterygoid implants involves origination of implants in the tuberosity region and follows an oblique mesiocranial direction proceeding posteriorly toward the pyramidal process. It subsequently proceeds upward between both the wings of pterygoid process of sphenoid bone. The primary reason for placing the implants in the pterygoid region is that the cortical bone present in this region is very dense. This helps in proper retention of implant. In addition it also helps to overcome the need for maxillary sinus elevation and bone grafting procedures. 

single stage immediate loading dental implant
Dental Implant for Fixed Teeth

Surgical placement of pterygoid implants is straightforward for an experienced clinician and can be performed under local anaesthesia in a dental office. Furthermore, this is in contrast to zygomatic implants. In addition, which usually entail a larger surgical procedure and require sedation or general anaesthesia. This shortens the treatment time and allows immediate loading of the pterygoid implant. Furthermore, it allows the fabrication of a partial arch or complete arch prosthesis.

BONE GRAFTS after Upper Jaw Cancer for Fixed Teeth

✅Firstly, increased bone density for patients who have insufficient upper jawbone material due to gum disease. In addition the natural process of aging, genetics, or tooth loss

-> Improved likelihood of successful placement of dental implants

✅Secondly, indirect sinus lift offers a less invasive procedure to create sufficient bone for implant placement-without direct bone grafting. In addition which can require a second procedure to harvest bone from another part of the body

Bone Grafts in the upper jaw or Sinus Lift. In this episode, Dr. Chirag Chamria, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon at Royal Dental Clinics, Mumbai touches base with the vital topic of Maxillary or Upper Jaw for fixed teeth,

-> Above all, indirect sinus lift, when combined with osseodensification. In addition can increase the quality of the surrounding bone in the upper jaw when done at the same time

✅Minimal discomfort


We at Royal Dental Clinic have in house day care facilities. Above all well skilled specialized dentists who perform such kinds of cases on regular bases. Therefore, one can inquire about the same by booking an appointment and get a consultation done where you will be explained about each and every step. In addition, allow us to help and care about your oral hygiene and health by booking an appointment with Royal Dental Clinic. Keep coming back for insightful knowledge on Dentistry and Dental Issues. If you have any questions, please do leave it in the comments section.

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