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5 things you can tell a person from their Teeth

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A smile can reveal a lot about you as a person. Smile and teeth form a big part of the non verbal cues which are formed during a conversation. Whether they smoke or are a party animal. Whether the smile is distracting or pleasant. As a matter of fact, the teeth can also give non verbal cues as to the temperament of an individual.

“When you are smiling with your teeth the air fills your lungs with oxygen. Your body gets rid of carbon dioxide through the nose and blood vessels reach your cheeks.”

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Are you missing something?

Teeth and Personality Types

Did you know that if you look at your smile, you can learn a lot about your personality? You can tell a lot about people’s attitudes and feelings by the smile they present. Know more.

Smile Adds Confidence

People who have a more confident smile, have a larger life. People who are good-natured and optimistic are more sociable. They are more likely to smile frequently and are more likely to smile a big smile when a camera comes out. This shows you how many people are happy in their lives.

Faults are Less Obvious With Visible Teeth

It is clear when we see someone with a shaky, nervous smile it indicates suspicion or lack of confidence. It brings a feeling of insecurity. So the next time you’re out and someone doesn’t smile at you; don’t just ignore, smile once. Give them a smile that is genuine and let them know that you are thankful for their presence.

Smile Etiquette

Reaching your hand out to shake or shake with your palm facing upwards is also a sign of politeness. This may be one of the reasons why it is sometimes considered impolite to shake hands with some people. Especially if you know that it’s someone you do not know. The most important thing to remember is to smile genuinely at others. If you are genuinely happy and genuinely delighted to see someone than you will most likely get a smile in return.

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The Importance of a Smile

The basic function of a smile is to create a mood. This is achieved by stimulating and coordinating multiple muscles in your face. As you move your lips and teeth, you are causing all these muscles to move as well. “Studies show that when people see others smiling, they think that they are smiling. The feeling of smiling can be contagious, so an angry person can also smile, thinking that it will help him relieve his anger”. So a smile has the ability to relax and bring a person together and bring about positivity and happiness.

5 startling facts what your Teeth reveals about you!

Toothed Smile

Smiles come in different shapes and sizes, and that includes the front teeth. While we can easily see how the outer part of our teeth work, it is the inner part of our teeth that tell more about us. Thin teeth, like that of a child, can be as off-putting as a missing tooth. A broad smile, like that of a man, may conceal some dental issues. A V-shaped smile, like that of a woman, may show problems like dental damage or periodontal disease. The number of teeth you have does not tell the whole story about your health. Therefore, you should be careful about the size of your smile. You should also look into dental care.

Your Age

An average person will lose between 1 and 5 millimeters of their tooth length as they age. Younger teeth typically have rounded incisors and are more rectangular in shape. Older teeth tend to be more squared.

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Personal Habits

Even if you can’t see the difference in your teeth after smoking or drinking, your dentist can. The two biggest telltale signs of these habits are dental staining and gum disease. Even smokeless tobacco products can damage gum tissue and cause it to loosen around your teeth. If the effects of smoking don’t show on the exterior surface, you can rest assured that the interior surfaces of your teeth are stained. Liquor, beer and mixed drinks typically are high in sugar content and acidity, which cause enamel to wear away.

Mental Health

Researchers have found that they can use information from a child’s enamel to determine whether they are likely to suffer from mental illness. How? Your enamel acts as a fossil, recording the history of what your body and cells have experienced. Teeth grow in layers, developing marks as a tree would as it ages. Researchers believe these marks can provide insight into a child’s experiences with stress as they age.

Personality Traits

Your teeth can reflect your personal hygiene and habits, but they can also provide an idea about your personality. For example, people who are anxious or competitive often grind or clench their teeth and have fractured molars. Curved, less pointy canine teeth indicate a more passive personality, while sharper canines give the impression of more aggressive tendencies. Those who tend to be the life of the party usually have teeth that show results of excessive drinking and smoking as well as frequent consumption of carbonated drinks.


It can be easy to forget how much people assume about you based on the appearance of your teeth. This is one of the reasons for practicing proper oral hygiene is so important. The good news is that in addition to getting your oral health back on track, your dentist also offers many cosmetic dentistry options that can help make sure your smile always helps you make a great first impression.

That’s all folks. Your teeth can also tell you quite a bit about you and how you are feeling. Did you have a rough night? A rough week? Be careful. For more great articles and content check out our Royal Dental Clinics Blog or follow us on our social media.

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  1. Smile and teeth form a big part of the non verbal cues which are formed during a conversation.

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