Wisdom teeth are the last posterior teeth to erupt. Also called third molars. There are 4 wisdom teeth in the oral cavity. 2 each in upper and lower jaws. They are placed at the end of the oral cavity. They erupt upto the age of 29 yrs.

When the wisdom tooth is fully erupted but not in a straight line axis and is buccally placed it can result in cheek bite. Recurrent cheek bite and pain warrant its removal.
If the tooth is partially impacted it can develop a tissue over it which traps bacteria food debris resulting in pericoronitis. This causes pain, swelling, reduced mouth opening, hindrance in cleaning the area properly. Recurrent pain and swelling in such cases warrant removal of wisdom tooth. Partially impacted wisdom cause damage to neighbouring teeth and crowing. In such cases, the extraction of the wisdom tooth is considered.
Impacted teeth become trapped within the jaw. These teeth can develop cyst that can damage the roots of other teeth and bone support. Such cases are also an indication of their removal. Extensive tooth decay of wisdom teeth also warrants wisdom tooth removal.