If you have missing teeth since a long time or have multiple missing teeth then it is a good chance that your dentist might tell you that there is not enough bone for dental implants. Dental implant ‘s have been around since four decade now. And, in the last decade there have been tremendous improvements in the field of dental implant s, dental material sciences and dental technologies.

Traditionally, bone grafts were recommended for weak or less bone, in cases of dental implants. These bone grafts were either taken from the body or were synthetic materials. There were many drawbacks for the same, such as:

  1. Unpredictable bone formation and healing causing failure of dental implant.
  2. Required surgery including cutting of gums and then suturing. Causing bone loss.
  3. Time consuming. Atleast, 2 surgical processes are required and may take upwards of 6 months to finish the treatment.
  4. Chances of infection and graft rejection are higher.
  5. Multiple site of surgery is required, which leads to greater discomfort.

Modern techniques for dental implant placement even in weak bone require 3D x-rays along with virtual surgical planning. At Royal, with the help of in house CBCT, CAD- CAM and 3D printing solution we can deliver the results on the same day. Use of customized dental implant solutions along with tilted dental implant protocol with zygomatic implant, helps us achieve the desired strength for the final fixation of the permanent teeth. Use of modern material which are lighter, shock absorbable and plaque resistant called as SAPteeth, has helped increase life and longevity of the treatment even in weak bone cases.

With the experience of over 2 decades and 10000+ dental implant placed at Royal we can now be confident to present the plan to the patient in which, it is not required to wait for months and years to get fixed teeth. It only takes a days’ time to get fixed teeth with dental implant.