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HIPC also known as High Impact Polymer Composite is one of the lightest materials in the SAPTeethTM Technology group. They used as long term dental prosthesis material. However, they have been clinically proven to have a wear and tear life of over 9+ years, High Impact Composites manufactured under controlled environment of temperature and pressure. It uses approximately 12 degree celsius and 250 bars of pressure. 

SAPTeethTM is a group of highly specialized polymers; specially made to protect the bone, implant, or natural tooth. Research shows that ceramic, porcelain, Ni-Cr, and Zirconia teeth exert about 24 to 149 times more stress on bone as compared to SAPTeethTM. This difference is due to the shock absorbing capability of these polymers. Therefore, in patients with weak bone or low calcium, SAPTeethTM are recommended over conventional prosthesis. The best part of these is that they are customized to perfectly re-create your smile. And, that too in a matter of few hours.

Benefits of High Impact Polymer Composite SAPTeethTM 

HIPC offers excellent aesthetic translucency and opalescent properties. Highly recommended in smile designing of anterior teeth for natural looks, Color stability is brilliant as HIPC comes in multiple shade forms, hence providing similarities to that of natural teeth. It’s the best and advanced material in cosmetic dentistry. 

HIPC also has high strength, thrust used in fixed crown and bridge work. It has great shock absorbable properties offering great stability to the underlying teeth and gingiva. Hardness therefore of HIPC is nearest to natural tooth. Its density is similar to the dentin of the natural tooth. 

High Impact Composite SAPTeethTM 

HIPC fabricated crown offer great cervical strength. It evenly distributes the masticatory forces providing increased occlusal strength. Immediate prosthesis in the form of a single crown or bridge can fabricated on an implant case, because of its excellent elastic properties as compared to full ceramic or zirconia. 

It is a universal genius. They offer the most elegant, and varied solutions for a number of indications and can be used as a permanent prosthesis with an approved life span of 9+ years. It is a cross linked composite polymer that offers higher physical values than conventional PMMA. They are manufactured under controlled environment of high temperature and pressure.

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HIPC materials widely used although in fabrication of crowns, bridges, onlays, inlays, veneers, removable and various frameworks. HIPC SAPTeethTM  offers wide range of dental prostheses which extremely suited for long term usage. However, these are safe to use plaque resistant, advanced gingival compatibility, and resistant to discolouration. The level of patient acceptance increased due to its resemblance to natural tooth. HIPC processing technique minimised in the lab, thus saving the overall cost. 

beautiful smile
beautiful Smile with High Impact Composite SAPTeethTM 

Why should you choose SAPTeethTM  :

In case of breakage due to any reason including trauma, the repair quite easily performed in the mouth itself. Although in cases of repeated breakages only 10mm of either side of the breakage remade. This ensures regain of the original strength.

In case of infection in the underlying tooth or implant, there no need for the whole bridge removed, only the relevant part treated and then refurbished in little time.

In case of habits like pan, supari or heavy bite or bruxism, the eating surface get worn off but the re layering done at only a fraction of the price and in very little time.

High Impact Composite SAPTeethTM  look and feel natural and apply 24 to 149 times less stress than conventional prosthesis

SAPTeethTM  can be completed on the same day and the fabrication is fast and precise.

High Impact Composite SAPTeethTM  are long lasting with high impact shock absorption

Patient Testimonial High Impact Composite SAPTeethTM 

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