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Dealing with Cancer Affected Jaw and Teeth

oral cancer CAJTeeth

Cancer of the mouth most often begins as a small ulcer or lump on the tongue, cheek or gums. Statistically speaking, at least 75% of those diagnosed with Oral Cancer are tobacco users. Those who both smoke and drink, have a 15 times greater risk of developing oral cancer than others. Chronic irritation from a sharp tooth is also known to initiate these changes. CAJTeeth uses experience, expertise and skill to provide the best quality of life possible for people diagnosed with the relevant. Oral Cancer affected Jaw Teeth restores artificial teeth after cancer surgery.

Revolutionary CAJTeeth Technology at Royal Dental Clinics Mumbai

The restoration of teeth allows for a more normal eating and oral function. Traditionally, any dental rehabilitation after cancer treatment, deferred by at least 2 years. But now with the advancement in 3D modules, the tooth at the same time as that of the surgery.

Cancer Affected Jaw Teeth

CAJTeeth begins with confirmation of the suspicion during a biopsy or surgical intervention. The course of action protocol established based on medical findings and patient needs. Reclamation includes recommendations such as orthodontics, dietetics and speech therapy. As needed, as well as retention guidelines to ensure stability and longevity of restored it.

Innovative approach has improved quality of life for those who diagnosed with it by achieving stability and longevity of restore it. All this while preserving normal eating functions and movement at the same time as that of their surgery.

Confirmation and diagnosis of oral cancer. 

Biopsies and X-rays are some of the aids which used by the doctor to get a confirmation. Once confirmed, based on multiple factors, like location, size and the aggressiveness a provisional plan chalked by the consultant.

They are curable with nearly normal quality of life after the medicaments if treated in time. Most removed with surgery and then reconstructed. In advanced stages, surgery may still attempt called as salvage surgery. The goal of the surgery is to get the best possible chance for survivability with good quality of life.

Cancer and oral health

Oral Cancer Surgery with full mouth SAPTeeth.

Based on the prognosis and quality of life, a surgery planned and executed with the help of the expertise of an Oral Cancer and Rehabilitative Surgeon. Sometimes, a pre or post treatment radiation therapy or chemo therapy recommended.

During that the abnormal tissues removed and a reconstruction done to recreate the tissues lost. Bone replaced with bone, muscle with muscle and skin with skin. The tooth which lost can also be replaced with the help of metallic or non-metallic custom dental implants.

Have you recently been diagnosed with Oral Cancer? Have you lost a part of you

Oral Cancer Rehabilitation

These treatments are not merely a one-time procedure and cure. It takes a big toll especially on the mental health of the patient as well as the family. Therefore important to understand the post rehabilitation which is the most important step in the recovery. Certain lifestyle modifications required such as diet modifications, and speech therapy.

Technology for cancer affected jaw teeth?

CAJTeethTM is a method driven advanced protocol that allows the expertise of the dentist, oral cancer surgeon and plastic surgeon to see the patient’s mouth and tooth and what will happen with their bite after treatment. This expertise transferred to modelling software’s which helps the surgeon plan the best course of action for the patient.

Used both before and after protocol to help ensure that your smile will be almost as good as it was before, post. It also allows for a more predicable result. It provides valuable information which helps make sure that your oral health needs are met.

Conclusion to Cancer Affected Jaw Teeth

CAJTeethTM allows for the restoration which lost due to it. The rehabilitation allows for a more normal eating, and oral function. Traditionally, any dental rehabilitation deferred by at least 2 years. But now with the advancement in 3D technology, it can restored at the same time as that of the surgery

A life-threatening disease that affects the oropharyngeal region of the head and neck. Similarly, it is different from other in that it is the only one that can prevented through early detection. Affected and this managed with this advancement.

cancer affected jaw

It also includes is a 3D printing solution that offers a dental implantation service for patients with it.

Please note that it is important to note that you will need to meet with a professional if you interested in this technology .

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