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Zygomatic Dental Implants are implants that are anchored into the cheekbone, also known as zygoma or zygomatic bone. These implants are used in cases where the patient has a missing jawbone or the jawbone is soft and thin.

Most patients above 45+ years end up losing a few or all of their teeth. It is estimated that 92% of adults between the ages of 20-64 years suffer from tooth decay in India. Likewise, the number of individuals who suffer from missing teeth is pretty high above 45+ years. Tooth decay, gum disease, poor oral hygiene, and injury, are common causes of missing teeth.

Dental Implants are a Gold Standard for Missing Teeth Replacement

When it comes to replacing a missing tooth, Dental Implants stand in a class of their own. This method holistically replaces the entire tooth structure right from the root, to the crown. There are other alternatives to Dental Implants such as bridges and dentures, however; they have their shortcomings.

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Dental Implants have been around since the 1950s and have been perfected by various Institutional bodies over the years. A dental implant can do wonders for confidence, since it resembles an ordinary tooth. Numerous individuals who were timid about smiling as a result of space from loss of a tooth, feel better after a dental implant. Past the style, a dental implant additionally makes it simpler to eat and talk, as it is securely attached to the jaw.

What are Zygomatic Dental Implants?

Have you been accessed by an experienced Dentist, who has ruled out the option of regular Dental Implants in your case due to weak or no bone? With the advent of Zygomatic Dental Implants and SAPTeeth™, there would be no reason to be disheartened. One can now get Dental Implants with virtually no bone and can continue with their normal lifestyle. Let’s understand what Zygomatic Dental Implants are.

Zygomatic Dental Implants are implants that are anchored into the cheekbone, also known as zygoma or zygomatic bone. These implants are used in cases where the patient has a missing jawbone or the jawbone is soft and thin; as placement of regular implants in the upper jaw in such cases is not possible.

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The zygoma provides exceptional support of a lifetime since the zygoma bone is very dense.

A Zygomatic Implant is different from a normal Dental Implant in a way that the Zygomatic Implant is longer than the regular Dental Implant and is diagonally placed into the cheekbone, to optimize the usage of extra bone. The zygoma or cheekbone does not resorb. Hence, instead of complex bone augmentation procedures; Zygomatic Implants can be used.

Improved Quality of Life – Manifold Benefits of Zygomatic Implants

With Zygomatic Implants, patients get a regained sense of confidence by the way of an enhanced smile, appearance, and overall aesthetics. So no more missing out on social outings and interaction. The myriad benefits of Zygomatic Implants can be encapsulated as follows:

A dental crown over an implant looks natural.

  • Now possible to do Zygomatic Implant with pinhole technique.

With virtually less bone, get a dental implant with fixed teeth.

  • Elimination of inconveniences that come with Dentures or removables.

As per Dr. Chirag Chamria, one of India’s most sought-after Zygomatic Implant surgeons, “The major advantage with Zygomatic Implants is that bone grafting is seldom needed. For those working for fixed teeth solutions, can now get it with SAPTeeth™ in just one day.”

Zygomatic Implants are suitable even for patients who have been advised that conventional implant treatment will not be possible due to less bone or no bone maxilla bone.

Why get Zygomatic Dental Implants at Royal Dental Clinics, Mumbai?

Royal Dental Clinics Kandivali, Mumbai, has to its credit more than 50 successful Zygomatic Implant placements. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon at Royal Dental Clinics, Dr. Chirag Chamria mentions that, “Because of the proprietary SAPTeeth™ technology; we are able to restore the upper jaw with immediate loading protocol and provide permanent teeth.”

The success of Zygomatic Implants over 5 years has been documented to be around 96% and over 10 years has been around 93%.

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With Zygomatic Implants offered at Royal Dental Clinics, Mumbai, there is no need for a complex bone grafting operation, which can take up to six months to heal. Royal Dental Clinics, Mumbai, has the reputation of one of the best Dental Clinics in India to offer Zygomatic Dental Implants and comprehensive dental care under one roof. It is one of the most sought after healthcare facilities for Zygomatic Dental Implants due to its usage of advanced technology and well-trained experts for Zygomatic Implants.

Dr. Chirag Chamria is one of the few Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons in India, who is highly trained, well experienced, and is highly skilled in placing Zygomatic Implants in cases even with no bone at all.

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