Zirconia offers the best balance between strength and esthetics for dental implant treatment. Due to its less chemical reactivity and high strength to withstand high occlusal forces, it is a great choice for posterior crowns and bridges treatment. It is lustrous, translucent and can be veneered with conventional porcelain to achieve high esthetic prosthesis. These used dental clinic when for anterior teeth depict natural and beautiful smile.

The flexural strength varies between 900-1200 mpa. It reduces cracks and chipping off prosthesis. The design preparation and ultimate thickness of zirconia depend upon the flexural strength used by laboratories, the manufacturer’s recommendation. The most dental clinic used this because the biggest advantage is strength and durability. Hence, less tooth preparation can be done. It is biocompatible with a longevity of 5 yrs. and more with lower chances of infections, discomfort, and any allergic reactions.

The dental clinic suggests zirconia despite being strong is easily malleable and can easily be shaped, size and coloured to match the patient’s natural teeth. Zirconia is resistant to extreme hot and cold temperatures thus reducing the frequency of tooth hypersensitivity. It is especially suited for dental implant cases with reduced available space.

In short, the trade-off is as the translucency increases flexural strength and fracture toughness decreases.

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Zirconia Dental Crown