X-Rays during pregnancy | Royal Dental Clinics

Radiology/ X- rays are an important aid to any dentist or dental treatment. During pregnancy the x-rays which may be required for the treatment require a special mention. An individual may undergo X-rays with adequate precautions. The second trimester is considered to be the safest period for any dental treatment.

The risk to the foetus from a few units of radiation is extremely little as the radiation is concentrated and localised to the tooth concerned. Two dental x-ray films expose the pregnant patients to 0.02msv. A 2500 times amount would be required to harm the foetus.

As a precaution and norm one must not be exposed to more than 3 times in each semester to any radiation. However a lead apron may reduce the risk of the exposure by 90%. It should always be kept in mind that X-rays should not be differed in indicated cases, as it may be do more harm. If an infection is not managed adequately it can also cause damage to the foetus.

With adequate precautions and limiting the exposure even during pregnancy an individual can undergo X-rays. At Royal Dental Clinics we have inhouse CBCT, and OPG wherein we can control the exposure. For chair side we use digital radiology which required only 10% of exposure when compared with conventional radiology.

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