If you have a missing tooth then dental implant are one of many options for the replacement of the same. Dental implants are prosthetic devices which act as root replicas on which a crown or cap can be fixed.

In case of a broken tooth, generally it is seen that the root is healthy and only the crown of the natural tooth is damaged. In such situations, implants may be the last alternative treatment. The natural root can be saved by using various modalities like pulp therapy, post and core and splinting. These modalities would increase the life of the natural remaining tooth structure and hence protect the bone also.  

But, in cases where the root is also completely damaged or non-salvageable, then the root may have to be removed or extracted. In cases of no active infection, a dental implant can be placed immediately and given an artificial tooth on the same day. To get a prosthesis or artificial tooth in place on the same day, a bridge with the help of neighboring tooth or a dental implant can be placed. In cases of weak bone conditions both splinting with bridge and dental implant placement may be required.

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