What to do if you have silver amalgam fillings in your teeth?

Years ago if you went to a dentist and had fillings it is likely that you may have silver amalgam fillings which contain mercury. There is a natural wear and tear of these fillings and may cause multiple problems such as

  1. Discolouration of teeth
  2. Sensitivity 
  3. Mercury toxicity 

As the mercury leaches out from the filling it enters into the body and may cause systemic toxicity. There  are numerous studies now linking amalgam fillings with old age Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s like disorders. Hence the American dental association has recommendations a complete disuse of amalgam now. Also, the ADA has recommended that anything greater than 4 amalgam fillings should be changed into more bio compatible and non toxic alternates such as glass ionomers, or composites. 

It is imperative that you visit you dentist and get an opinion on the type of filing you have. During the upgradation from mercury containing silver amalgam to tooth friendly materials care should be taken that no amalgam enter the body and is auctioned out efficiently. There have been documented cases in which during removal of old filling the particles are swallowed and may lead to acute toxicity. 

There are many other inconveniences caused by the old amalgam fillings. In case you have amalgam filling with a metal or metal containing cap then do to difference in the metal there can be galvanic currents flowing and may cause unexplained sensitivities. These sensitivities are quite cumbersome to diagnose and often leads to over treatment due to missed diagnosis. 

However, we at Royal recommend that you get an opinion on the condition of the silver amalgam filling as soon as possible. It takes around 15 minutes to upgrade a filling.

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