Dental implants are the most advanced solutions of the 21st century in dentistry for missing teeth. Dental implants are the functional root replicas. Before dental implants, replacement of missing teeth would involve processes of removable dentures and bridges. Dental implants are of various types, but the most common is the end osseous type of implant.

With the advances in dental implant technology, now dental implants have become very predictable with a success of 90% over 10 year period and 95% over 5 year period. This success has increased by the use of biocompatible, shock absorbing SAPTeethTM technology. SAPTeethTM has revolutionized dentistry by providing teeth which are shock absorbable and act like the periodontal ligaments which are the natural shock absorbers for the teeth. Dental implants also have a distinct advantage of preservation of the bone which would have otherwise resorbed or destroyed by the body itself.

With the success and advances in the dental implants, the use of mono bloc dental implant or single piece dental implants have eliminated the need for multiple dental visits, and multiple surgeries. Dental implants with teeth can now be placed on the same day and can be loaded.   

We, at Royal Dental have been practicing mono block, single stage, immediate loading non surgical dental implants since 2 decades now. For more information visit us at