Advantages of PEEK as dental framework

Polyether ether ketone is commonly known as PEEK. It is a respected dental material and is quickly replacing metal components in a variety of applications such as dental PEEK framework. They have been in use in body implantology for over 30 years (invertebral discs, hip joints etc). It is the most stable high performance polymer in existence which is vital for any bio material. It is also an ideal dental material due to its bio compatibility and mechanical properties.

PEEK in Dentistry – All you need to know

PEEK framework is a first choice for:

  1. Dental abutment
  2. Removable partial dentures
  3. Fixed prosthetic frameworks

Advantages of PEEK Framework:

It possesses a higher strength to weight ratio which is especially important for dental implants and devices.

It is lighter than metal and more comfortable for patients.

Weight and density is similar to natural bone making it a strong flexible dental material.

Anti allergic – no metal, oxide or monomer.

It can handle abrasive and compressive forces without losing its integrity and durability.

It tastes neutral and has no metallic taste.

Gingival management is optimal.

It gives natural oral feeling and chewing sensation. It provides natural esthetics.

The prosthetic framework of this material provides 26 times more shock absorption than titanium for superior comfort.

Low moisture absorption and resistant to corrosion.

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