Wisdom teeth are the last posterior teeth to erupt. Also called third molars. There are 4 wisdom teeth in the oral cavity. 2 each in the upper and lower jaws. They are placed at the end of the oral cavity. They have erupted up to the age of 29 yrs.
Usually, wisdom tooth removal is painless as the area is anaesthetized. The patient might feel some discomfort and pain after anaesthesia wears off. Medication is prescribed to relieve discomfort and pain. Swelling is seen on 1st and 2nd day and later on will reduce on its own. If post-op instructions are not followed dry socket is a most common complication. It is usually very painful, presents with a foul odour. The exposed bone is sensitive, pain can be throbbing and may radiate to patients ear. The dentist will irrigate it with saline and place a medicated gauze into it.

Wisdom Teeth