What Your Tooth Colour Tells About Your Health


White Teeth

White teeth have a very light shade of yellow and are the healthiest type of teeth. The colour of these teeth comes from a combination of genetics and the amount of time you spend brushing your teeth each day.


Slightly Yellow Teeth

Slightly yellow teeth have a mild yellow tinge that is barely noticeable. Teeth with this shade are considered normal and will not cause any issues in your oral health.


Brittle Teeth

Brittle teeth have a grey or grey-yellow shade, indicating that they have a high risk of breaking. Grinding, Clenching Teeth and Poor Oral Care are the causes of  these teeth.


Brown Teeth

Brown teeth have a dark brown or blackish-brown tinge. These teeth are due to tobacco use or poor oral hygiene.


Black teeth

Black teeth indicate advanced gum disease caused by bacteria and a lack of oral hygiene. Black teeth can be a symptom of underlying dental disease that shouldn’t be ignored.