How to Smile Without Showing Your Teeth?

Smiling without showing your teeth is often called a "closed-mouth smile." It's a way to express happiness or friendliness without exposing your teeth. Here's how to do it:

Relax your facial muscles and slightly part your lips. Form a gentle, warm curve with your lips to create a friendly, closed-mouth smile.

Lip Smile


Your eyes play a significant role in conveying a genuine smile. Make sure your eye muscles are relaxed and that your eyes appear bright and happy. A genuine smile reaches the eyes, so try to think of something that genuinely makes you happy.

Soft Eyes


To make your closed-mouth smile look authentic, think of something that brings you joy or happiness. This will help your smile appear more genuine.

Think Happy Thoughts


Stand in front of a mirror and practice your closed-mouth smile. Experiment with different lip positions until you find the one that looks most natural and comfortable for you.

Practice in the Mirror


Tilting your head slightly can add a friendly and engaging touch to your smile. It shows that you're attentive and interested in the person you're smiling at.

Subtle Head Tilt


Practice your closed-mouth smile with friends or family members. They can give you feedback on how it looks and help you improve.

Practice with Friends


emember that the key to a great closed-mouth smile is to make it look sincere and friendly. It should come from a place of genuine happiness or warmth. So, practice until you find the style that feels most natural and comfortable for you.


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