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Hospital Beds, ICUs and PPEs are Precious | Dentistry in COVID

With coronavirus cases touching almost 9000+ in India; doctors, nurses and other front-line medical workers across the country are confronting a dire shortage of essentials such as masks, surgical gowns, protective gears to protect them from the virus. India, like most parts of the world, is in a race against time to procure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the safety of medical teams’ fight to halt the spread of coronavirus.

An Exclusive Interview of the Dental stalwart Dr. Arun Chamria by Maharashtra Times, the No.1 print media daily; an initiative by Times Group. Unveiling, the first episode of this informative and inspiring 9 episode series of conversation with India’s most renowned Dental Surgeon, Dr. Arun Chamria, Chairman Director and Founder of Royal Dental Group of Companies. In this exclusive episode, Dr. Arun Chamria, the stalwart in dentistry is being introduced by Maharashtra Times.

Another shortfall which may occur is with India’s 70,000+ emergency rooms available, to cater to a population of about 5 million patients and is already under stress. Only, if we have enough Emergency Rooms (ERs), Doctors and Hospital Beds, will we be able to combat this disease. Hence, it has become even more imperative to preserve our scarce resources like Hospital facility, Doctors, ICU Beds, PPEs etc. for critical care patients in this time of need.

Prevent Dental Emergencies post the Time of Coronavirus

Swelling, Abscesses, Fractures, Severe Toothaches, and many such Dental Emergencies may occur anytime. As per Statista, 28% of urban Indian population visits a dental surgeon atleast once a month, which considering the high population density of Mumbai, is a large number. 

During these unprecedented times, visiting your local hospital or Emergency Room, can put pressure on the already scarce resources of PPEs and other emergency medical resources. In such cases, instead of visiting your local hospital or emergency room, please look out for a local dentist near you. 

dentistry in covid
Dentistry in COVID | Royal Dental Clinics

It is best practice to visit your local dentist for dental treatments to preserve the resources for critical care patients and thereby help medical facilities to focus on coronavirus related emergencies. Nevertheless, you may safely utilise your time now for getting dental treatments completed, so as to avoid aggravating dental problems for post lockdown. In India, as per the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Data, the Dental surgeon to patient ratio is found to be 1: 8,018.

We Are In This Together, For You, By You | Dentistry in COVID

With over 3 decades of active dental practice in treating patients on same day, we at Royal Dental Clinics fully understand our role in the healthcare arena. Keeping in mind that the local hospitals and ER’s in Mumbai are flooded with symptomatic and asymptomatic patients, we are available to ease their burden and are open for prevention and restoration of Dental Emergencies, so that patients requiring urgent dental care may visit us instead of a local hospital.

It may be noted that our Team uses universal precautions for patient treatments and provides separate waiting rooms for each patient. This, over the years has helped us to drastically reduce per patient contact points within our clinic premises.

In these extraordinary times, we are also extending services on Tele-Consulting and our specialists are available at all hours of need on +919820446633.

We are in this together and urge other dental clinics to also help stand up to this cause, ease the burden on local hospitals, and keep themselves prepared for prevention of emergencies. 

Should You Visit A Dentist During COVID? Why Not!

Whether there is an ongoing pandemic or not; there may always be chances of infections of known or unknown types. There are various Resting Pods or Rooms with complete privacy and an attached washroom and working space. This unique feature of Royal Dental Clinics, ensures that no two patients are in the same waiting zone of the clinic, thereby reducing the chances of a cross infection to negligent.

And the point worth noting is that this process of individual allotment of rooms hence visiting a dentist during covid should not be unattended incases of dental emergencies. Besides this, a protocol that we started during the time of Covid-19 is that we note down the patients details right in the beginning itself. Details such as travel history, checking their temperature etc. are part of this now new protocol. Our doctors and clinic staff take utmost precaution and wear PPE kits. We make sure that we are not infected as well as we do not transmit the infection to others.

Dr. Arun Chamria mentions that the safety of the doctors, patients, staff is of paramount importance to us. We make sure that no one gets infected or becomes a carrier of the infection. Many Dentistry related questions answered, many Covid related solutions provided, many innovations and lots more in these bookmark worthy Episodes exclusively with Maharashtra Times and Dr. Arun Chamria.

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