Thalassemia and Dental Treatment | Dr Chirag Chamria

Thalassemia is a disorder mainly affecting The Middle East and the Indian subcontinent population, causing changes in the red blood cells amongst other organs of the body. Minor thalessamia cases are seldom encountered by dentists for regular checkup, fillings, root canal, dental implantations etc.

As dentists and caregivers we should be aware that these group of patients require extra care and caution. Body’s capacity to stop bleeding, & reduced hemoglobin levels with varying amount of damage to liver, spleen and kidney are seen. Thalessamia patients require treatment to be prompt and with minimally invasive forms for treatment. It is recommended that a prophylactic dose of antibiotic coverage is given to prevent infection spread.

Thalessamia patients may have changes in the shape and position of the jaw requiring more extensive orthognathic or cosmognathic surgery. There is a higher chance of abnormal bite forces due to altered tooth position and shape. It is best to visit a dentist at least every 6 months to maintain hygiene and nutrition of the dentition.

Replacement for Teeth in Thalassemia cases

For replacement of missing teeth use of flapless, minimally invasive surgical technique with comfortable results on the same day are best suited in medically compromised patients. We use the in house dental X-rays and combine this technology with CAD CAM to get the accurate treatment plan with surgical guides. After the treatment of implant, stitches are not required and hence the healing is more comfortable.

In cases of treatment of root canal treatment it may be advisable to complete the procedure on the same day as it would reduce the need to multiple visits, multiple needle pricks, and multiple doses of medications. In most cases the artificial teeth can also be fixed on the same day which increases the comfort of the patient. If you are interested to know more and get an opinion for your case contact us on

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