Dentistry provides an effective approach in the scenario of Covid-19 pandemic by telecommunication technology. Teleconsultation comprises of telephonic conservations, e-mails, video calls, messages. Amidst this Covid-19, pandemic wherein social distancing is a new norm teledentistry comes into the picture . In here the dentist or the hygienist can reach out to the patient from anywhere at a designated time.

Due to this pandemic, there is minimal transportation where nobody can get out of their houses to reach the best doctor for dental treatment, telecommunication comes in handy. A quick call can solve a patient’s dental problem to reach. Often in this situation patient panic over the slightest dental pain or discomfort. At such times through telecommunication one can reach out to the patient guiding the patient about his or her dental problem, explaining it whether it is an emergency call or it can be taken care by the patient itself at the comfort of his or her home & he or she not need to visit a dental clinic. The dentist prescribes appropriate medications after knowing the exact cause of the dental problem. This would relieve the pain and keep the patient out of the dental emergency room.

Dental emergencies are not life and death situations for the most part. Many patients feel they need to come for an emergency dental treatment but through telecommunication, one may realise that only 20% of patients actually need emergency dental treatments. Various software has been developed in recent times for telecommunication. These are of different companies like Zoom, Carestream.

Advantages of teleconsultation:

1. Classifies the patient according to the severity of the dental problem.

2. Less crowding at the dental office

3. Helps in the proper management of the patients in the dental clinic

4. Fastest, easy and convenient mode of use

5. Better understanding

6. One on one direct conversation between the patient and the dentist

7. Saving patients travel time and frequent visits to the dental clinic

8. Patients anxiety is managed

9. Most adaptable in the covid 19 pandemic

10. Avoids unnecessary patient exposure to cross contamination

11. Patient feels comfortable and appreciated

12. More convenient for elderly patients

Many dentist are forced to close their dental clinic not in Mumbai also in India due to the covid-19 pandemic hence telecommunication is a preferable means to reach out to their patients.

Doctor educating patient for about dental treatment in the current scenario and making them understand that his or her dental problem can be dissolved via telephonic conversation.

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