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Single Stage Implant: Dental Implants are a way to replace the missing tooth in your mouth which feels and looks the most natural, in comparison to the alternates. Single Stage Dental implant has been around since the 1990’s. With the experience of around 35 years in dentistry and 20 years in implantology, we have been able to successfully delivery results of same day fixed teeth with dental implants. 

After advanced trainings and innovative research conducted by International Institute of Dental Research now same day loading of dental implants with predictive results are possible even in very less or virtually no bone. A single stage dental implant places a screw into the bone at the time of surgery. The tissues around the implants starts healing almost immediately, making loading of SAPTeeth successful.

To successfully and predictively place dental implants and then to be able to fix artificial teeth with function and aesthetics requires a seamless coordination between the doctors, radiology, staff, laboratory and patient. At Royal, we have in house CBCT (dental x- rays) and in-house laboratory with the latest CAD-CAM and 3D printing technology to ease the process.

Experts report 95% success rates with single stage immediate loading implants over 5 years!

In fact, according to National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery report, there are several advantages of using Same Day Implants method rather than the traditional method:

  1. The implant fuses to the bone better as desired.
  2. The soft tissues and gums heal more quickly and are less likely to recede.
  3. The patient has an immediate restoration, meaning they don’t leave the office with any missing teeth

In more advanced and complex cases such as oral cancer rehabilitations or bony defects due to pathology, we may require a virtual surgical planning and then execution of the treatment. 

Advantages of Single Stage Implants:

  1. Turns out to be more affordable than two phases, traditional implantation.
  2. Can be used even in significant bone loss.
  3. Nearly bloodless and painless procedure.
  4. Complete oral rehabilitation, can be done on the same day.
  5. No waiting for 3 to 6 months bone healing time. 
  6. No need for additional components, hence chances of hardware failure reduce. 
  7. Fast healing time, due to insignificant surgical intervention. 

Single-Stage Dental Implant Procedure In One Day

Single-stage dental implants are an advanced solution that allow dentist to place the implants in one visit. The implant and even the prosthesis can be done on the same day. Mini dental implants are an ultra-small diameter (1.8-millimetre width), biocompatible titanium alloy implant screws, conceived and designed over 35+ years ago by a board-certified Manhattan Dentist, Victor I. Sendax, DDS. Dr Sendex originally created the unique design of this unique dental product as a transitional device to help support fixed bridgereplacements for lost teeth. 

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