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Occlusion is the way the teeth eat, muscles act and the joints move. The most challenging part of any dental procedure is to balance this occlusion in full mouth rehabilitation dental treatment cases. Full Mouth Rehabilitation may include a range of procedures from curing gum diseases, pain in teeth, moving & shaky teeth, missing teeth etc. These teeth are treated and then caps or bridges are fixed over it.

Night grinding may destroy your teeth which may occur due to stress or anxiety. Our team at Royal Dental Clinics is highly experienced in the effective treatment of bruxism or night grinding of teeth. Tooth Pain is typically defined as a pain in the mouth or the oral area.‘Tooth pain’ refers to a cluster of clinical problems resulting in pain due to various reasons.The most important stage when devising a treatment plan for tooth pain is identifying the cause and location of the pain.

Full mouth rehabilitation is the reconstruction & restoration of the worn-out teeth which helps in maintaining overall hygiene of oral mucosa, tongue, gingiva and lips. In a full mouth rehabilitation doctors at Royal Dental Clinic help to re-establish functional and biological efficiency.

Aesthetics play an important role in full mouth rehabilitation. Aesthetics in full mouth rehabilitation comprises of multiple crowns, bridges, implants along with gum surgeries and other minor surgeries. Aesthetic rehabilitation includes smile designing, aligning mal-posed teeth, whitening of discoloured teeth, closure of spacing, gingival augmentation, restoration of fractured teeth which at Royal Dental Clinics can all be restored in One Day.

Various gingival augmentation procedures are undertaken to enhance the smile. Not all patients require gingival augmentation. Some people have a gummy smile along with smaller crowns. Tocorrect such cases, gingivectomy with crown lengthening procedure is required which may take up to 45 minutes per tooth.

Aligning crooked teeth can be done by buccal or lingual or proximal reduction in minor cases. For major corrections, along with reduction veneers are placed over the front surface of teeth to improve the appearance of teeth and enhance the smile. In severe crooked teeth, orthodontic treatment can serve as a common alternate. Intentional RCT along with full crowns and bridges can be used for correction of crooked teeth in one day.

In most cases with missing root structures, implants are placed to replace missing teeth and crowns are attached over it. Various SAPT materials such as Resin, HIPC, Multicomm, Ceramic, Zirconia crowns are available. Composite restorations can also be used to correct minor spacing. Whitening of discoloured teeth can help to reduce stains. In such cases bleaching of teeth, placing veneers, full crowns can be done.

Royal Dental Clinics also corrects natural wear and tear of teeth by Occlusal Rehabilitation, which increases tooth efficiency and reduces pressure on the jaw bone. A solution that saves teeth and reduces the load on the jaws, this is an almost painless procedure. In cases where patients are looking for removable solutions, Dentures are a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues.


Occlusal rehabilitation is a specialized chair side procedure done by the experts, wherein, the eating surfaces of the tooth are re-molded and the contact of the two jaws is readjusted to allow for a more efficient eating with reduced load on the eating system of the jaw.


This aesthetics persists in modern society patients have been sought treatment modalities to improve smile and dento-facial aesthetics. The aesthetic rehabilitation of the smile requires a comprehensive management by a multidisciplinary team involving different specialties like endodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics as well as periodontics which is a group of versatile talent, available at Royal.


Before Treatment

After Treatment

Mrs. V.N., February 2018

Female patient aged 53 years resident of Thane visited us for multiple oral concerns. On examination we gave multiple options and estimates to the patient. On patient’s consent, we did root canals, cosmetic contouring, placed ceramic bridge.

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Mr. C.P., October 2016

Male patient aged 36 years resident of Mumbai visited us for a cosmetic and full mouth consulting. On examination we gave multiple options and estimates to the patient. On patient’s consent, we did laminates, metal free ceramic caps and bridge, cosmetic polishing, bite fixing.

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Mrs. P.M., September 2015

Female patient aged 50 years resident of Mumbai visited us for consulting for full mouth. On examination we gave multiple options and estimates to the patient. On patient’s consent, we did repairs, post and core, metal free ceramic bridge fixing, root canals, bite alignment, and also placed SAP teeth bridge which is made of high-impact polymers.

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Mr. D.G., April 2017

Male patient aged 69 years resident of Mumbai visited us for consulting for full mouth and missing teeth. On examination we gave multiple options and estimates to the patient. On patient’s consent, we did repairs, implants, bite alignment, ceramic bridge fixing.

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