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Know More on DENTAL IMPLANT and ZYGOMATIC Implant for Missing Teeth

Dental implants are comfortably fixed and you don’t have to think about them! Dental implants if properly cared for, can last many years. The cost of the dental implant depends on the type of implant and the dentist’s fee. A custom dental implant may be higher when compared with many implant brands in the market. The treatment by itself and the complexity of the patient treatment plays an important role in determination of the cost of dental implant.

Patients enquire about dental implants a lot. To set the issue at rest, let us be clear, a dental implant is an extremely effective way to replace a missing tooth. To know more on Dental Implants near me with payment plans, Call Now!

They provide a stable fit that improves appearance, speech, comfort and the ability to chew and enjoy food. Many people regret losing some of their teeth. In the past, conventional dentistry has not always provided an acceptable replacement for these lost teeth until now. Removable denture plates, partials and bridges have always been a compromise when replacing lost teeth.

A dental implant is one of the latest solutions that give the patient a new root system and tooth. The implant portion is actually a titanium post that is inserted under into the bone. This makes it superior to other solutions like removable dentures or a dental bridge.

Royal Dental Clinics expertise in taking challenging cases where there is less bone to replace missing teeth with Dental Implant.

dental implant for missing teeth

Dr. Chirag Chamria, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, is one of the handful Oral Surgeons in India that perform ‘Same Day Dental Implants with Fixed Teeth’. Dr. Chirag specialises in pinhole technique for dental implants that is used at Royal Dental Clinics, where dental implants are placed and teeth are fixed on the same day.

What is the cost of dental and zygomatic implant in India?

It is proven time and again that there is no better method to replace missing tooth, which is better than Dental Implantation and it is one of the best long term investments. Like any other product or service, the rule of the thumb remains that, “Quality Doesn’t Come Cheap”.

The cost of Dental Implants in One Day includes factors like the technique, technology and time.

Same Day Dental Implant placement, bone grafting, gum soft tissue treatment, and/or extraction might be required to mend the condition of the gums and the jaw bone. Since each jaw and tooth structure is unique, the cost varies depending on the complexity of the treatment and the materials used.

Dental Implant Cost in India; Dental Tourism

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How to Find the Right Dentist in Mumbai?

When looking for a dental clinic that offers ‘Fix Teeth in One Day’ in your city, you will want to find a facility that has:

✪ Skilled dentist who have performed single sitting dental implants.

✭ A clinic which values your time and can complete treatments in one day.

✪ Which uses latest, modern and reliable dental technology that’s precise.

✭ Experience in creating custom-made dental crowns in various materials.

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What's New in Dental Implant for Missing Teeth?

Featuring: Same DAY Result with Dental Implant for Missing Teeth

Today in cases where there is virtually no, weak or less bone, dental implants are feasible with or without bone grafting. Further all teeth in a jaw can now be fixed on merely 4 implants, called the All-on-4 technique. After advanced training and innovative research conducted by International Institute of Dental Research now same day loading of dental implants with predictive results are possible even in very less or virtually no bone.

We are the pioneers for immediate load implants and our technology was accepted and appreciated by the Scientific committee of the World Congress on Oral Implantology- the apex forum in the world.

To successfully and predictively place dental implants and then to be able to fix artificial teeth with function and aesthetics requires a seamless coordination between the doctors, radiology, staff, laboratory and patient. At Royal, we have in house CBCT (dental x- rays) and in house laboratories with the latest CAD-CAM and 3D printing technology to ease the process.

Smile now and ever



    • Over 40 years history
    • Multi Centre studies
    • Proven long-term success
    • Requires channel preparation in the bone with its side effects
    • Recommended typically 3-6 months healing
    • No assurance of success
    • Widely available all across the world
    • Expensive in US, Europe and other developed countries compared to India


    • Over 30 years history
    • Multi Centre studies
    • Proven long-term success
    • Does not required channel preparation – therefore no surgery
    • Healing almost immediately
    • No assurance of success
    • Widely available all across the world
    • Expensive in US, Europe and other developed countries compared to India

Dental Implant on Bone

Dental implants are titanium material and shaped like small screws, which are placed in the jawbone. In most cases, Royal Implants does immediate loading of implants which allows placement of teeth during the same appointment as your dental implant placement. The conventional way of loading an implant requires 3 months or more for implant placement and multiple visits.

Now with the latest advancements, dental implant for missing teeth can be done in a single sitting. Dr. Chirag talks about pinhole technique for dental implants that is used at Royal Dental Clinics, where dental implants are placed and teeth are fixed on same day.

dental implant in bone
zygomatic implant in one day

Zygomatic Dental Implant in No Bone or Less Bone

The difference between a Zygomatic and a normal dental implant is that the former is longer and placed diagonally into the cheek bone, to make use of the extra bone. In few patients there is virtually no bone or very less bone in the upper jaw. In such cases, the help of zygomatic bone is taken for implant placement.

In most cases, Royal Implant provides same-day teeth with immediate loading of dental implants. Less or No Bone? Get Dental Implant For Missing Teeth

What are mini dental implants?

Mini dental implants also called MDI, are ultra-small diameter (1.8 Millimetre width), biocompatible titanium alloy implant screws, conceived and designed over 30 years ago by a board-certified Manhattan Dentist Victor.I. Sendax. His novel theory was that mini implants function free standing by themselves or in combination with natural tooth supports and /or larger conventional type implants. This was a revolutionary concept in dental science.

When can dental implant for missing teeth be used?

When critically needed for support purposes, and where solid bony adaptation (integration) has clearly occurred, mini implants can function as long-term supporting structure rather than as short-term or medium devices. In fact, some have been successfully functioning in patients’ jaws for several decades.

dental implant in one day

What about dental implant for missing teeth failures?

It must be recognised that all implant systems as well as natural teeth are subject to potential failure due to natural causes, including osteoporosis, poor oral hygiene, wear and tear attrition, poor health, stressful biting habits, and lack of follow-up dental care. Mini implants similarly do not carry any actual or implied guarantee as to longevity. However, the loss of mini implant is a far less critical event to the patient since it may be replaced at relatively minimal cost compared to conventional implants.

How are mini dental implant different?

As revolutionary departure from routine implant methods, mini implants are so narrow they are typically inserted directly through the overlying gum tissue, routinely required for standard implant systems are significantly reduced. While all dental implants require care during insertion to avoid encroaching on vulnerable nerves, sinus or bony structures, the ultra-small width of the mini implants offset a much more comfortable margin of safety.

What type of surgery is involved in dental implant for missing teeth?

A single, minimally invasive surgery is needed for insertion of the MDI mini implants. They are then put into immediate biting or “loading” functions thanks to their “self-tapping” design, thereby anchoring a fixed bridge system.  As a result, it is often possible to provide the complete mini implant services in a single office visit.

Mini dental implants clearly represent an enormous breakthrough for the dental implant speciality as the most patient -friendly, cost effective, proven implant system available today.

Dental Implant for Missing Teeth Before After

Missing Tooth Treatment

missing front tooth

Implant Treatment

Dental Implant Tooth

Implant Full Mouth

Dental Implant for Teeth

Same day dental implant for missing front teeth: This procedure corrects not just the missing teeth but also restores your confidence and look. Success of dental implant lies in the decision of choosing the right size and width of dental implant for longterm. The size of a dental implant used is determined primarily by the existing bone volume in height, width, and length.

A surgeon would select longer implants in the anterior regions of the mouth and shorter ones in the posterior areas. Full mouth dental implants have shown great success in the past in rehabilitating missing teeth and restoring chewing functionality.

Implant for Moving Teeth

bleeding gum mobility

Implant for Tooth Mobility

tooth mobility

Moving Multiple Teeth

Tooth Mobility

Fixed teeth with Implants in One Sitting: Same day dental implant involves implant surgery wherein doctors replace missing teeth by putting in implants in your jaw. The implants basically take the place of your missing root and give a solid base upon which the natural-looking SAPTeeth can be placed. These are permanent teeth which are placed immediately after you receive implants.

At times a framework may be required so as to give a strong base to the supporting crown or bridge. These frameworks can be made of high performance peek material with HIPC crowns. This help to create a shock absorbing framework and reduces the load on bone and gives better results.

Zygomatic Dental Implant

mobile tooth

Implant in less Bone

Implant in less Bone

Weak or Less Bone

Zygomatic Dental Implants

Zygomatic Dental Implants with Fixed Teeth: Bone resorption along with lower bone quality often makes it impossible to place dental implants in the posterior maxilla. Zygomatic implants are then advised and anchored in to the zygomatic bone rather than the maxilla. Zygomatic implants are planned for the upper jaw in complex situations such as poor quality of bone, bone resorption, decreased height of bone over time or presence of air spaces or sinus.

Most of such cases can be done under local anesthesia on the same day itself. The quality of life improves a lot after the treatment as patients no longer have top deal with dentures or ‘no bone no teeth’.

Dental Implant

missing tooth

Missing Teeth

Replace Missing Tooth

Fixed Teeth

Few Missing Teeth

Few Missing teeth with fixing with SAPTeeth: Few of such cases can be done with a pinhole technique under local anaesthesia on the same day itself. Same day dental implant is an implant surgery which doctors use to replace missing or chipped teeth by putting in implants in your jaw. The implants basically take the place of your damaged teeth roots and give a solid base upon which the natural looking tooth can be placed. Single missing tooth can be replaced with dental implant and fixed teeth in one day at Royal Dental Clinics.